Before you start reading check this out an extensive guide about tour to Belize. Probably one of the most demanding and complex activities that I have done in my life, climbing the Acatenango volcano The idea came during my first trip to this colorful country where by chance I had to cancel the climb. I had stayed with the desire without knowing that years later the opportunity to do so would come back.

Antigua is surrounded by three volcanoes: the Volcán del Agua, the Volcán de Fuego and the Acatenango Volcano. The latter has become famous in recent years because there are tourist agencies that raise people looking to stay overnight in some armed camps on the volcano to climb to the summit the next morning. In addition, the Fuego volcano, which is practically stuck to Acatenango, remains active. With luck you will have a spectacle of the unique and unforgettable nature.


It is highly recommended to make the ascent with a guide.  There have been cases in which people climb on their own and die because the land is irregular and the weather changes in a matter of seconds and near the top. There are many agencies , of different prices, that offer the 2-day and 1-night tour at the Acatenango volcano. The difference between them lies in the equipment they provide. The most economical ones have very thin tents already armed in the camps with thin sleeping bags , which results in a problem to get rid of the cold. While the most expensive have a much better team, although sometimes they will ask you to upload it, which makes the journey very heavy.

The tour starts with a van picking up at your place of lodging as at 8:00 a.m. - 8:20 a.m. After an hour's walk you will arrive at the start of the tour and the meeting point with your guide. The beginning is very complicated, with a steep ascent of uneven terrain, mostly loose gravel, causing people to tire only in the first 15-30 minutes. During the climb there will be several stopping points to rest, drink water and maybe eat something. As you continue to climb your body will begin to tire, especially if you carry your 55-liter backpack full of water, food and cold clothing. You will easily carry more than 10 kilos that you will have to load from start to finish. Almost on arrival at the camp the terrain becomes a little flatter which makes everything easier.

What is the best time to climb the Acatenango volcano?

The best time to climb the Acatenango volcano  is in the dry season that  goes more or less from November to March . Although there are also climbs during the rainy season, the challenge of climbing to the top must be even greater. In rainy season visibility is poor so you are likely to miss the great views that the volcano offers. The most advisable thing is that you always wear raincoats. The climate above the Acatenango can change from one hour to another.

How much does it cost to climb the Acatenango volcano?

The cost of climbing the Acatenango volcano will depend on the agency with which you contract the tour. There are some that have internet pages and that you can book in advance. Normally these agencies charge between $ 80 and $ 180 per person . In addition, they will charge you extra for everything you need:  backpack, sleeping bag,  etc.

On the other hand, there is the option to hire the tour in one of the many agencies that exist in hostels or points of sale in Antigua. The average price for the 2-day, 1-night tour at the Acatenango volcano will be about  $ 43 USD all-inclusive . A cheap option that you can also hire up to a day before.

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