A clipping path, or “deep etch,” is a closed vector path used to remove an image from its background. The path is drawn by hand and applied using photo editing software. Anything within the closed path is included in the final image, while anything outside is cut. The use of clipping paths has become the industry standard for removing backgrounds precisely and professionally, primarily because they can be applied to images with both hard and soft edges. Compound paths can even be used for complex images or for multiple colors within a single image.

Why do you need a clipping path service?
Many companies and individuals involved in photography, design, and advertising can benefit from a professional clipping path service . If you are designing a sales catalog, for example, it may be necessary to remove many dozens of images from their backgrounds—a painstaking process. If you are designing a professional webpage, it can be necessary for formatting purposes to remove images from their backgrounds, which can be complicated for non-experts. Further, if you are a professional or amateur photographer, the “perfect shot” is often actually a combination of shots. Processing you images in-house is time consuming and labor-intensive and you have better things to do.

Our Process
Our professionals draw all clipping paths by hand, using Photoshop’s pen tool. We apply the path to your image and remove everything outside. You can then use whatever background you like. We’ll return the images to you PDS or TIFF format, with a separate transparent background if you require.

Our Guarantee
At Clipping Path Lab, we employ only fully trained professionals, specializing in image editing with Adobe Photoshop. All have years of experience with clipping paths and clipping masks and are fully industry-certified. We also have intensive in-house training that keeps our experts at the top of their field. What’s more, their work is triple checked for quality, first by the image professional themselves, then by their team leader, then by our quality control specialist. This ensures a great product each time and it lets us offer you a full, money-back guarantee.

Digital image enhancement can take your images to the next level. Invigorate your photos with a dynamic feeling of life or add a unique punch to capture the eye. Image enhancement brings out the best. Our color correction service can change night to day, or day to night. We can give your photos an artificial aged look with sepia or black and white filters, as well as change skin tone, change or augment colors, brighten an image or remove the effect of harsh lighting. We can do it all.

Clipping paths are powerful tools, but don’t use our clipping path service on a dull, lifeless image. Let us enhance that image to give you the most value. Your options are limitless. Our experts and artists will analyze your image, and bring out it’s heart, giving you the perfect image for your website, social media profile, or piece of art.

Let us take your bad photos and make them great. Let us take your great photos and make them perfect!

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