Remodeling and organizing closets have become a billion-dollar industry, but it shouldn't have to be expensive. Instead of daydreaming about magaziner-perfect dream closets while fighting to fit another sweater onto the rod, spend a day and $50 or less to gain some extra closet space. Of course, it won't be possible to turn a closet the size of a shoe box into a walk-in dream world without knocking down a few walls. But with a few clever tricks, it's possible to at least make room for the new season's clothing purchases.

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Let's be honest. Over-the-door hangers and giant shoe racks never seem to work very well. They take up too much space, never seem to hold what they need to, and don't seem to last long. Instead of wasting more money on storage solutions that never seem to work, try getting a little creative. Empty wine cases just happen to be the perfect size for shoes, and an excellent excuse for enjoying some wine. First, hide the cardboard by covering them in wrapping paper or fabric. Then, slip them under the bed or stack them up. Just don't forget to keep the cardboard inserts. They're perfect for keeping the shoes tidy and protected.

Boots look so cute when they're on, but they're significantly less cute in the closet. A shelf or set of tension rods and S-hooks can help keep boots orderly and upright, but they frequently fall off when trying to dig out the perfect outfit. For a fall-proof solution, cut lengths of dowel at 45 degrees and mount them onto a board. Then, attach the board to the wall. It's fast, quick, affordable, and the boots won't fall onto the floor if someone breathes on them.

The Right Hangers for the Job

For skirts, shorts, and pants, multi-level hangers will help fit twice as many items into half the space. Don't want to buy them? Use pop can tabs, lengths of chain and S-hooks, or plastic six-pack rings over the hook of a hanger to get the same results. Plastic six-pack rings or shower curtain rings are also perfect for hanging scarfs, ties, and handbags.

Strappy dresses, tank tops, swimsuits, and camis are problematic in a closet. They're forever slipping off the hangers only to get lost in the depths below. Instead of having to fish tank tops out of the bottom of the closet every time the door is opened, check out tank top or tie hangers. They have multiple levels of hooks, so they can easily hold six to nine strappy fashions at a time.

Rad Rod Moves

Closets usually have one rod about six feet up. Simple, but it wastes a ton of space. To add another rod, turn screws into the ends of a dowel and use chain and S-hooks to hang a shorter rod below the original one. This way, there will still be room for dresses and suit bags on one side, but the rest of the space will be doubled up for shirts and shorter items.

Closets often have a lot of dead space on the sides. To make use of it, attach tension rods or dowel on the sides of the closet perpendicular to the original rod. Then, hang closet organizers, dresses, and extra items on the front half. It also helps to stagger rods at different heights so that the bulk created by the hangers is evenly distributed.

Closets can be a nightmare when they get disorganized and overfull. It shouldn't cost a small fortune to rectify the problem, though, and no one should have to suffer. With these simple tricks, it's possible to customize any closet for less than $50 and maybe some wine.

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