Cloud computing brings your business to your doorstep. You and your team can work remotely. Your business data is accessible to you from anywhere and at anytime. Letting you to take crucial decision based on real time data inputs. Be the master of you business. Understand your business and take decision instantly. Take control. Get Client360 Cloud ERP.
Client360 Cloud ERP helps you and your staff work remotely using its anytime, anywhere cloud computing. Access your vital business data anytime and anywhere using internet's presence and reach.
Organisations are changing the way they work in these difficult times. In the drive to become more safe and efficient, many organisations today have encouraged their staff to become remote workers, working from home or client locations.
Lifestyle changes mean that by 2025 it's expected that nearly 70% of staff will work remotely. But remote working doesn't just mean working from home. Providing staff with online access to your entire business operations makes the difference between winning the next big deal and losing out to your competitor.
The benefits of remote working are many and varied.Locational flexibility: Remote computing allows you unprecedented flexibility to move about and perform computing activities at the same time.Improved Decision Making: Remote Computing gives you the ability to conduct business at the point of activity by collecting, accessing and evaluating critical business information quickly and accurately.
"Client360 Cloud ERP is specially designed for SME and MSME and will take care of your accounting needs and beyond".

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