Cloud computing, simply put together is the practice of using computing devices including servers, storage, networking, database and software over the internet to offer flexible resources and innovation.

Some reasons that why companies are turning to cloud computing services

1. Cost: Cloud computing eradicates the expense of buying hardware and software and installing the data centres, servers, electricity for power and cooling and IT experts for managing the infrastructure.

2. Speed: Some of the services are provided on demand, but vast services can be operated in minutes, typically in just few minutes, enhancing the flexibility.

3. Scalability: Cloud computing services have the ability to scale globally. It means delivering the right amount of IT resources- for example, more or less storage, and bandwidth from the right geographic location.

4.Productivity: The data centres require a lot of hardware setup, software installations and other IT management chores. The needs of all these tasks are removed, so IT teams can spend more time on achieving their business goals.

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Author: Mario F. Davis