The fight continues; the debate over which is better than the other, has been around since a very long time. Initially, it was just a small scuffle between Internet Explorer versus Firefox, then it was between Personal Computer versus Apple's Mac and now, the latest debate is upon computing versus Cloud computing. Of course, not many are aware about it and if you too are one of those, then here is a synopsis.
If one begins to define cloud computing in a layman language, then one can say that it is about storing all the information at one place which can be accessed through the internet. It is a service that is available online through the internet wherein by way of technology, individuals can store, access and control their private and confidential data. The basic aim behind the development of such technology was to reduce the traffic that had been accumulated, that it became difficult to maintain or support. Initially, you never paid for what you used rather you were supposed to pay for the whole service or program, whether it was of any use to you or not. But with the help of this technology, the businesses and the consumers can use the applications required without installing them through the internet. This also allows you to systematically organize your files, data along with its processing and transmissions at a higher speed. With this, you as a consumer are liable to pay only for what you have used. To put it in simpler terms, it is pay per use or subscribe as per your requirement with the extended benefit of IT capability.
It is a great way to access any kind of data, which once stored under the cloud enables a person to keep a track of it even if he is on the go without investing on any kind of infrastructure, software development or appointing new personnel for any specific purpose. With the arrival of G mails, Hotmails and Yahoo Emails, life has become a better place to live in with many purposes solved through them. The only pre-requisite, one needs is an internet connection and you are all set to have access on the every happening of the world. The service provider manages everything from the application, storage to the connectivity.
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