Easily the biggest piece of furniture in the room, the bed can have a profound impact on both the health of its occupants and the quality of the relationship of a couple. It is important to consider the comfort of the mattress and the history of the mattress and bed frame.

Your bed should be utterly comfortable.

You hopefully spend six to eight hours in it, about one third of each day, and if it’s comfortable, you will rest well and feel good. If it is not comfortable, too hard, too soft, dips in the middle, is hard to get in and out of, it is an irritant in direct connection with your body. Six to eight hours of discomfort can translate into exhaustion, irritability, depression and disease. To thrive you must sleep well. If your bed has passed its prime and you find yourself having more and more aches and pains, consider pitching the old mattress and buying one that is as comfortable as you can afford.

What is the history of your headboard and bed frame?

Objects hold the energy of their history. If the history is positive to you and your partner, if you are part of a couple, and you both love its style, great! Keep it. If, however, one of you is concerned about its history or dislikes the style, it’s a good idea to either move it to another room or get rid of it. A couple cannot afford to have a bed that one of them dislikes for whatever reason. Their negative feelings will affect the relationship.

“I think we should get rid of this bed. My husband slept in it with his ex-wife.
What do you think?”

I’ll never forget that day, standing in that bedroom, looking at the ornately carved headboard. My client was newly married and had invited me to help her clear clutter to make the master bedroom a place where she and her husband would be comfortable.

“Tell me about the history of the headboard and the mattress,” I said. She proceeded to inform me that the headboard was a family heirloom of her husband’s and the mattress was in fact the one he’d slept on with his former wife. Clearly the energy of the bed screamed “ex-wife!” I recommended that she and her husband consider using the headboard and bed frame in a guest room and that they give away the mattress.

“The mattress holds her energy,” I said. “It’s like she’s sleeping in the bed with the two of you.” My client was thrilled with my recommendation and passed it on to her husband. He pooh poohed my concern about the energy of the ex-wife. But, nonetheless, he consulted the women in his office about the mattress situation. When he asked them if they thought it would be a problem for he and his new wife to be sleeping on the bed he’d slept in with his ex-wife, he got unanimous agreement that doing so would be a big mistake. Marriage can be challenging enough without an ex-wife hanging around, especially in their most intimate moments!

Clearing clutter from your bedroom such as older furniture that holds negative energy can make all the difference in the overall energy in the room as well as your relationships.
Comfort and history. Check it out!

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