CNC Machinist Wallaceburg, Ontario

Job Duties

Determine best machining strategy to complete workpiece including setups, tooling and downstream department use.
Performs job setup as per WI-CNC-01 (CNC Job Set-up) and WI-CNC-05 (Verifying Thickness & Parallelism of Blocks) work instructions.
Programs machine using Power Mill software for required operations including roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and manual machining.
Selects and mounts proper cutting tools in the machine spindle.
Sends program to CNC machine.
Operates CNC Machining Center using controls to adjust feeds and speeds in order to achieve maximum operating efficiencies and quality of workmanship.
Plans order of operations of machining to maximize spindle uptime including running through breaks and lunch periods. The operator is to complete the operator-dependent operations on the day shift and leave longer running operations for the afternoon shift where possible.
Checks and verifies machining operation at each step of the process using various measuring instruments such as scales, micrometers, telescoping gauges, calipers, fixed gauges, and dial indicators.
Performs regular inspection of the assigned machine and completes inspection sheets provided for such.
Reports ineffective/broken tooling, tooling required to order, and machine problems to immediate supervisor.
Required Education, Skills and Qualifications

Minimum education level preferred is Grade 12 or equivalent. The successful completion of a Machining or Mould Making course through a recognized College or another learning institute, coupled with a minimum of 3-5 years experience in programming, setting up, and operating of CNC Machining Centers is preferable.
Must have strong mathematical skills; ability to read and interpret blueprints and CAD data; good attendance record: good analytical skills; physical ability to handle all tools and equipment as necessary; familiarity with Fanuc, Heidenhain, Selca and Allen Bradley controls; be able to work overtime as required; and be able to operate overhead crane & hoist systems safely.
Should have a thorough understanding of “G” and “M” codes which allow the machine to operate.

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