I know how you feel now, just starting up your coaching business. Knowing that you signed up to be a coach, because this is what your passion is... and realising, that coaching is just one out of the many activities that you, the entrepreneur is requested to do in order to lead a successful business.

I've been there! For several weeks and months, I attended teleclasses and webinars days and night, I invested serious amounts into learning from industry leaders, trying to decrypt the secret of their million-dollar coaching success.

And there I was, with tons of cutting-edge information and still not knowing where to really start!

And here I am now! And believe me, having gone through the overwhelming process of setting up my businesses, I can state with confidence that I now know what to start with - by creating your own coach branding.


Because it is not enough to know (and to market) that you are a coach. Sorry for the bad news, but there are thousands of coaches are there. The million dollar question is: What is the essence of you, the coach?

What is so special about you? Why would someone work with you and not someone else? With one word - what sets you apart from others?

That is the bit where you need to invest some time and definitely right at the beginning so that you (yourself) understand and this way can help others understand as well who and what you are.

Beware though! This is not just about the technical details. Coach branding is far more than just defining your niche or ideal clients or marketing plans. Those are all part of a business plan. Here I am talking about the professional AND the personal part! Because apart from professional information an efficient coach branding will give out a glimpse of your personality in order to help your potential clients connect to you and win their trust.

So what are you waiting for?

Get paper and pen and write out everything that could make your ideal client build rapport to you.

Author's Bio: 

Career Transition Coach Erika Kalmar works with people who are looking to make changes in their lives, whether it is about finding a new job, starting a new career or transitting into self-employment.

As a Coaching Biz Start-Up Strategist, she helps new coaches setting up their coaching business and building a rock solid foundation.

Grab your free copy of her "Create Your Business Brand Brilliance" Workbook and schedule a complimentary 30-minute Business Start-Up Strategy Session: http://www.getreadytocoach.com.