It is common to note that NLP for adults is one of the crucial personal development programs for those who would like to learn communication techniques and skills to know how to increase their sales and business/work performance.

How can NLP Strategies help your child or teenager?
From my own corporate and parenting experience, I know that NLP:

• can help your child/teenager change how he/she does what he/she does.
• can help your child/teen change how he/she handle certain emotions or situations.

Think of it as self-therapy for your child/teen that can last their life time and future generations too! What a wonderful gift and life skills that you can impart to your child/teen right now.

For example, if your child/ teenager has test anxiety, which is all too common for young people, NLP techniques can help him/her to lose that anxiety. You see, your child/teen have that anxiety because of a certain belief or perception he/she hold and NLP will help him/her see that belief and change it. He/she might have test anxiety because you think that he/she is a poor student or that he/she aren’t smart. Where did this belief come from and how can he/she change it? It is easier than you might think.

These NLP Techniques will guide your child /teen through a set of carefully written NLP techniques, which will definitely help your child/teen in many different situations that you might struggle with, including school situations, social situations, family situations, and issues of self-discipline and self-esteem. What could be better? Ultimately what NLP can do for you and your child/teen is to prepare them to handle anything that comes their way, now and in their future.

This is a parenting stage in your life when you can use all the help you can get to coach your child/teen to be successful individuals. How their self-discipline, self-esteem, their ability to communicate with others, and their ability to change their negative to positive behavior is crucial and these are skills and attributes that will move with your child/teen into their adult life. Trust me when I say that it is easier to coach your child/teen to make these changes and learn these NLP skills now rather than in later in their lives. I also have live workshops, webinar workshops and private coaching sessions.

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Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

Rachael Mah is the Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Training Coach. She had been a professional corporate trainer and facilitator for multinational organisations and professional bodies for more than 2 decades and parenting experience for her own children for more than a decade. Visit for more information.