In the previous article we talked about the 13 reasons why you would want to have a niche.

Here is the next bit.

There are coaches out there who know the theory well, they want to do this step and get started but struggle to get to an outcome.

Here are the top 4 obstacles people encounter when choosing a coaching niche:

1. Lack of self-awareness. Very often new coaches struggle finding their niche because they struggle knowing themselves! If you are looking for a niche that you will have passion for, you have to know first, what you are passionate about, right? If this is you, then take some time to create self-awareness and get to know yourself inside out - your dreams, passions, skills, experiences, strengths and weaknesses, wants and needs, values, life purpose, dislikes. They all can be useful information to you to start building your niche.

2. Lack of market information. Oftentimes, people don't have the necessary information to be able to make a decision. It is not enough to just point out a niche, it has to be viable, that is having enough potential clients in there PLUS enough paying potential clients. How to sort that out? Get out on the market and look around. Some tips around that:

- Go to community boards and see what people's major problems are out there.

- See what your competitors are doing. Analyse their activities and see where you fit in. By the way, if this is the missing link, chances are that you missed to create a proper business plan. If you need comprehensive support in creating your business plan, read more on My Fireproof Coaching Business Plan.

- Do keyword researches to see what your paying market is looking for on the internet.

- Talk to people and find out about their biggest challenges. Look for challenges they struggle finding support for.

3. Not knowing how to find your niche. Sometimes that can be an overwhelming process for which it is good to work together with a coach.

4. Fear from losing customers - Despite the fact that some coaches are aware of why choosing a niche is the right decision, still they have difficulties in letting potential clients go. Although in reality, this is not the case. Exactly the contrary, by letting people go and creating your niche you will start attracting the right people around you. So let go of your fear and dare to specialise. If you are really unhappy about making this step, see it as a game and try it out for 3 months. Should you not feel satisfied with the state of your business after this period, you can always change back. How about that?

So now that you are aware why you need a niche and hopefully you put aside your fears, there is nothing in the way of identifying yours, right?

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