You hear the stories about coaches earning 6-figure. You have the passion; you are an amazing coach deeply committed to the success of your clients; you are completely dedicated to making your business work. But are still struggling.

Don't worry, there is hope. What would it be worth to you to discover these 3 hidden truths and take the steps necessary right now to avert disaster?

What are the hidden truths that keep you struggling?
1.) A lack of continuity
2.) A lack of congruency
3.) A lack of consistency

Lack of Continuity: Having a steady stream of income is an absolute must for a business. But that's not easy to get if all you specialize in is 1 on 1 coaching. Continuity creates a reliable stream of income through products, membership sites, and ongoing program.

Aside from having that predictable, reliable monthly income, continuity programs extend your reach by offering more affordable forms of coaching allowing you to help people who may never be able to work 1 on 1 with you.

Lack of Congruency: Come on, admit it. We've all been there. You get a phone call from an organization looking for someone to give a free presentation on being organized. "Sure, I can do that" you say. You get another person asking if you work with parenting skills, "Sure, I can help anyone." Yet another asking about career choices? "Yup."

Well, there is a problem. None of these are congruent.

Congruency is where all the pieces of your business build upon each other. It keeps you focused & aligned with your original purpose. Developing programs & products with a sense of congruency help you to build off one to build another. This way you always have something to follow up with, you are cutting way down on the learning curve, and setting yourself up as an expert in your chosen area.

Lack of Consistency: This is perhaps the most important one. It can literally make or break your business. We live in a "got to have it now" world. So if we don't see immediate results we hop over to the next idea. This continued hopping means we are doing nothing but starting.

According to Ghandi there are 3 parts to any goal: the beginning, the struggle, and the victory. Most people don't make it past the struggle.

But, if you wish to succeed, in whatever way that means to you, you must consistently face that struggle.

People need to hear the same message over & over again before they really hear it. Your job is to consistently share that message until they do hear it.

I can't tell you how much time, money and energy I wasted when I first started my coaching business. Once I understood these 3 hidden truths, I became focused and can truly call myself an expert in my area and a success.

Stop struggling in your business. Share your expertise with the world confidently knowing you are making a difference. And be as successful as you help your clients be. By taking these 3 pieces and matching that with your dedication, commitment, & passion you will be well on your way to creating that successful business of your dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas is a certified marketing and business coach who specializes in helping other certified coaches build their coaching empire. Interested in more tips to help you grow your business and market like an expert? Visit for instant access to your own free Marketing Survival Guide.