Opportunity for coal usage optimization is technically and economically achievable but will require leadership from power plant owner and operators.
Coal is the biggest source of energy used for generation of electricity
The efficiency of converting coal into electricity is a matter of serious concern since it emits carbon dioxide which damages climate
Reducing the carbon footprint of energy production activities has emerged as one of the defining environmental issues of the 21st century.
Long-term opportunities to reshape this are promising while near-term opportunities are limited because current coal-fired power station accounts for 80% of carbon emission from the power sector.
Improving the efficiency of existing coal-fired power plant fleet in India presents one of the most promising low-cost options for reducing near-term carbon emission by way of coal usage optimization.
Improvement in knowledge of operators with training can definitely optimize the coal usage in thermal power plants
Coal usage optimization process starts with an assessment of current operational practices of both managerial and technical including various technical subsystems.

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