Cryptocurrency is not just a trend; it has become a part of people’s everyday lives. With the growing reach of the cryptocurrency technology in all the parts of the world, many companies are falling into the path of Initial Coin Offerings and Blockchain based technology along with the formation of new companies that work on this technology. Blockchain is way bigger than just Bitcoin and can be used in almost every sector of the world, be it fashion, aircraft industry, politics, food chains, financial institutions, health and wellness, event management and many more big industries. The main idea is that the Blockchain industry has a lot of perks and positive areas that encourage many big companies or even startups to go ahead make use of this technology.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), in the simplest terms, is a lot like Initial Public Offerings or IPO. Initial Coin Offerings take funding from people and in return give them their cryptocurrencies. The prices of these cryptocurrencies are going to rise in the coming future and just like IPOs, instead of shares, Blockchain companies and startups go ahead and exchange their cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens instead of shares in the case of Initial Public Offerings.

Coalichain is a bridge that connects the leaders with their people and eliminates the communication gap between the two. It does so by using the Ethereum Public Blockchain platform making it a Decentralized Application that ensures complete transparency and an immutable voting facility. Coalichain disseminates the seeds of democracy by decentralizing power with a focus on streamlining the citizen politician collective towards a newer and effective form of democracy. All the activities are conducted in Coalichain with the use of their own cryptocurrency which is known as the ZUZ Token. The ZUZ token is designed in order to promote the ability to exert real influence on the opinions, behavior and the political intents of the followers. CoaliChain introduces a system which would value the activity of electors and adjust the amount of political ZUZ tokens given for certain activities.

CoaliChain will give pre-sale and crowdsale participants the opportunity to be pioneers of this initiative through the pre-sale and the crowdsale phases. By collecting as many supporters as possible we will be able to build a more extended platform and to ensure its swift development and adoption worldwide. 770 000 000 ZUZ have been issued. Contributions can be made in fiat money, in ETH, or BTC Amount of ZUZ available during the presale will be limited to $ 33 million USD. The softcap is 3,000,000 USD and the hardcap is $ 33,000,000 USD

There a few steps that need to followed to acquire your first batch of ZUZ tokens. After that, All the participants to the ICO who successfully pass the KYC verification process will be informed soon after the end of the crowdsale of the ZUZ token unlocking schedule. Coalichain will also communicate swiftly details about the listing of the ZUZ on exchanges. We intend to form partnerships with major exchanges in order to provide ZUZ holders with the best liquidity and stable prices. ZUZ holders involved in the project as team members, advisors, or charities benefiting from free ZUZ distribution will go through a vesting period for their ZUZ tokens.

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Coalichain is a decentralized democracy ecosystem, based on blockchain, smart-contracts, and crypto. It delivers effective, accountable, people-driven governance to any organization from DAOs, through companies, NGOs, municipalities and all the way to general elections. Coalichain enables tracking the performance of elected officials and hold them accountable.