Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, it is private or for latest business purposes, cocktail lounge music and food are the two most important and must-haves. With a large variety of entertainers in our database, you'll easily find a cocktail hour players in Manhattan that is perfectly suited to your taste and budget. Beginning in the 90s, the cocktail hour was a time for socializing before having dinner with invited guests. This custom was quickly picked up at weddings and other formal events as well as business events.

Cocktail hour pianist in Manhattan is best and charming; it includes the finest songs from the most popular artists. From classical music to popular songs from the Great American Song Book of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, to the classic rock ‘n roll and pop music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to the present. We have the long list of songs which we play according to the type of occasion, whether it’s your wedding or cocktail or engagement parties we give our 100% from popular coeval favorites to traditional classic wedding songs, and I will offer unique suggestions for your consideration.

The music is adaptable, along with his different piano music styles like classical, cocktail, jazz, swing, ragtime, rock, and blues make Manhattan musician your one-stop solo musician for most of any event whether you want to book it for a cocktail party or for a wedding. And with his extensive range, our Manhattan musician has no problem taking requests from your guests and play their choice of songs whether they want to listen to classical, innumerable standard songs and rock, jazz, etc songs, they will entertain your guests with both soft and lively background music so your guests will not compliant with the music they will definitely love it.

The music perfectly complements your event, not control it. Many couples recognize the added value of having Arnie performance for their cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. You can relax knowing that your event will flow flawlessly from the first arrival of your guests to just before your grand entrance at the party hall. We provide a wonderful variety of cocktail music ranging from chilled jazz standards to current pop favorites and any more as per the demand.

Experienced musicians will tell you that their best performances are those where their music touches everyone’s heart in the room. The key to becoming a successful musician comes from experience. This is where Arnie separates himself from most other musicians. Manhattan party musicians are very well behaved and very versatile with the music. Manhattan cocktail parties Musicians

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