Striae or stretch marks is known to be devastating to people's self esteem as it affects the skin's appearance. People are seeking ways to get it rid. These marks are reddish in color and has an elongated or expanded bands of skin revealing a nasty look. There is however, a remedy for this.

Cocoa butter, one cannot imagine that this one has a wide variety of uses. An important ingredient in making chocolate, and it can be used as a stretch mark removal method.

Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans. This is an edible vegetable fat which when used topically on the skin has very important hydrating qualities. This helps in retaining the suppleness and flexibility of your skin and also in fading of the stretch marks. The use of cocoa butter is an old technique used in the ancient ages to remove stretch marks. Cocoa butter not only moisturizes your skin but also protects it.

Cocoa butter is primarily a moisturizing element, and hence works as a preventive measure for treating stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when there is a tearing in the top layers of your skin due to weight gain or loss. Using of cocoa butter helps in keeping the skin supple and flexible and helps the skin from damage and prevents the scars from developing.

Cocoa butter is usually a solid when kept at room temperature. But when an individual applies it on the skin, it melts and is absorbed by the skin. The fast rate of absorption and the deep penetration of the cocoa butter is what make it such an efficient stretch mark removal remedy. The high percentage of anti-oxidants present in cocoa butter helps in repairing your skin faster.

To remove stretch marks naturally using cocoa butter, one should exfoliate the skin before applying the butter. Exfoliation will lead to shoving away of the dead skin and absorption of the butter will be faster. This will help in quicker fading of the stretch marks. Taking a bath in warm water before applying the cocoa butter will help in softening the marks. Massaging cocoa butter on the area also is helpful. An individual should ensure that adequate pressure is applied on the area to get the most benefits. It takes time to see some good results though. They say patience is a virtue.

Cocoa butter, has a wide variety of medicinal value and is therefore very helpful also in removing stretch marks naturally in individuals.

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