How Many Uses Can One Unassuming Oil Have?!

As I sit here and write, my mouth feels FRESH from having just brushed my teeth with coconut oil. Yep, I start the oil pulling process by brushing.

Its really quite weird that an oil can freshen the mouth, but it does. It also seems odd to get an antiseptic feeling from something that doesn't smell antiseptic. I didn't believe it until I tried it.

I started oil pulling with coconut oil as a way of removing bacteria from my mouth and he avoid the dentist chair. The other amazing benefit that I've found from oil pulling is super soft lips from the daily application. Thank you coconut oil!

An odd side effect I experience from using coconut oil for oil pulling is the deepest sleep I've had for a long time.

Other Ways I Use Coconut Oil
While pulling this oil in my mouth, I dip back into the pot and get going on applying it to my elbows and heels of my feet. Coconut oil beats all other skin moisturizers and heel balms for absorption and skin softness and is a natural product so you don't have to worry about chemicals :)

I also use coconut oil in cooking any meal that requires a little oil (ONLY ever a little bit on hot meals or else the entire meal will only smell of the oil. It's a mistake you only make once lol) Oh and any sweet treat baking you can substitute any oil in the recipe for the fab coconut oil. Om nom!

Then there's the 'sticky' topic of enemas. Yes, if you follow the path of natural living, you will end up cleansing your colon, seriously. About every second time I perform this feat, I add a teaspoon of coconut oil. It really 'gets things going' ahem.

My Hair Washing Regime
Before bed about once every 1-2weeks (my hair stays clean for that long after this treatment) I put coconut oil all over my hair, put on a shower cap and sleep with it on overnight. The next day this is how I wash my hair:

Baking Soda
Start by mixing 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water. I have shoulder length hair and mix about 2 to 3 tablespoon of baking soda with 3 times that amount of water in a small squeeze bottle. You can adjust this depending on your hair length.

Apply the baking soda and water mixture to dry or wet hair by starting at the roots and working to the ends.

Let it sit for 1 – 3 minutes then rinse with warm water. After washing and rinsing with the baking soda mixture, you’ll want to apply a vinegar rinse.

Vinegar Rinse
Mix 1 part white or apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water. To minimize the vinegar smell, I also add lavender, peppermint, and/or rosemary essential oils to the vinegar mixture. I like to mix a big batch of this ahead of time and keep it in a squeeze bottle in the shower. Tilt your head back, close your eyes (to avoid getting this mixture in your eyes), and distribute through your hair.

If you have longer hair like I do, I like to then (still keeping my eyes closed) tilt my head forward and distribute more rinse through the ends. After a few seconds, rinse with cold water. The cold water helps to seal in moisture, smooth the hair, and add shine. I have straight hair and have noticed that this really made a difference with eliminating frizz and static.

My Friend Uses Coconut Oil Like This
A friend of mine uses a mix of coconut oil and honey as an all over body moisturiser. I found this out when she visited me and my dog couldn't stop trying to lick her legs! It really begged the question from me, "What on earth do you have on your legs?!"

Some other great uses for coconut oil
- to stop nappy rash
- as the base for remineralizing toothpaste
- lighten age spots on the skin
- massage oil
- to help get rid of athletes foot
- to help get rid of intestinal parasites
- as a personal lubricant that won't disturb the natural flora of your yoni
- as an anti inflammatory for arthritis
- to lessen the crazy itch from mozquitos, chicken pox or poison ivy

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