Ongoing trend to keep healthy is just put a straw in the hole in the top of the young green coconut and have a long sip. Because of its growing popularity coconut water is nowadays available in grocery stores packaged in individual cartons. To keep hydrated it is necessary to have a balance of electrolytes. Not only this, electrolyte affected your body acidity and muscle action. A coconut is filled with water up to six months, as the coconut matures the coconut meat inside thickens and clear fluid turns milky as the fat content increases. After ten months it gets mature and the inner fluid gets thick and is known as coconut milk.

The best way to replace fluid loss after exercise or diarrhea is consuming coconut water. Because of its health beneficial properties, it is mostly used for weight loss. It is low in calories and high in sugar and saturated fat that makes it a perfect option for the weight loss.

Why coconut water is fit for weight loss:

• Calorie Content- Coconut can replace other sweet beverages as its one cup contains 46 calories. Opting coconut water in place of high-calorie drink is beneficial in weight loss. 3500 calories are present in one pound of the body, consuming coconut water in place of lemon-lime soda which has 151caloriesper 12-ounce can help you lose your weight up to 1.6 pounds of your body weight in course of one year.

• Fats- Fats are good for the body but which kind that is quite interesting to know. Coconut is having fat content but it contains saturated fats. Fat content is little under0.5 gram per cup, but 88% of it is saturated fat. According to the study it is revealed that you must limit the intake of fat up tp5-6 percentage of the total calories. On the other hand coconut water only provides 3-4 percentage of the total saturated fat recommendation. If you want to increase your saturated fat intake, you can go with more than one cup of coconut water. Having the diet high in saturated fat can help you reduce the risk of heart diseases.

• Sugar- As coconut water is low in calories but it is high in sugar, which is 6.3 grams per one cup. It is known that consuming sugar can lead to obesity and weight gain. But limiting your total calories per day from added sugar to maximum of 100 for women and 150 for men helps you in weight loss. Consuming a cup of coconut water has little over 25 calories from sugar per serving.

• Cholesterol- In the study in 2006, it was tested the effect of coconut water on cholesterol, rats fed coconut water at the ratio of 4milliliters per 100 grams of body weight showed the amazing result. Showed it lowered overall bad cholesterol levels namely lipoprotein and triglycerides. Scientist concludes that a long-term study is necessary on humans that took into consideration.

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