As a provider of global solutions displaying process and domain distinction driving measurable result, Coefficients imbibes the following values:
Inclusion – Coefficients hires any employee who is qualified to work in a BPO setting. Given the right skills and training, we hire fresh graduates (even K12 graduates and sometimes high school graduates), experienced professionals, unemployed mothers who spent most of their years taking care of their families and are now ready to relive their careers, senior citizens who embrace the world of BPO, and even deaf and mute employees who have the skills but are denied of the opportunity to work.
Passion – Coefficients ensures that each of our employees share their talents and are passionate about what they do. We ensure that they are excited to go to work each day as they know they take part in the success of the business of our clients while they continuously enhance their skills.
Humility – Coefficients is a small company but our team is comprised of people who have the grit to redefine outsourcing on a daily basis.
Action – Coefficients operates 24/7 to ensure that we provide enough support to our clients’ needs round-the-clock. This is to make sure that we won’t miss a single email or chat inquiry that might give a break to any of our clients’ businesses.
Transparency - We build better partnerships among our clients to further innovation and better investment options.
Excellence - We continuously cater to new demands and offer specialized roles in the BPO industry.

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Founded in September 2011, Coefficients Co. Ltd. is currently headquarted in Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines and is one of the province’s leading business process outsourcing of customer interaction and back-office services.