Coffee and tea are instant mood lifters. They kick us out of the bed like nothing else. So, it’s obvious for us to crave them every morning. However, consuming them is fraught with some dental concerns. In fact, both these beverages are bad for your teeth capable of causing stains and other serious dental problems in future. In some cases, drinking too much of tea or coffee becomes the reason of tooth enamel erosion. For that reason, you have to be careful with your hot cup of beverages so dear to you. Else, they might leave with irreparable damage to your teeth.

Coffee and tea can affect your teeth in several ways, including -

1. Tooth Staining

Tooth staining is easily the most obvious effects tea and coffee cause with regular consumption. The acid present in them is the reason behind the stains left on your teeth with their regular drinking. The tannic acid in tea and the caffeine in coffee provide both the beverages their distinct color, which is also a reason for stain. So, if you crave for pearly white teeth, these beverages should be a big no, or at least, their quantity and frequency should be restrained to get the desired results.

2. Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is one of major dental risks of consuming tea and coffee on a regular basis. Since the enamel is porous in nature, the coloring agents from your favorite beverage can enter into it to cause the damage. In fact, the sugar which is used as an additive, can also lead to enamel erosion together with creating the risks of cavities. Plus, your teeth might gradually soften with regular consumption of tea and coffer which can also lead to tooth decay in future. It’s thus better to switch to unsweetened tea or coffee and save erosion risks.

3. Bad Breath

Tea and coffee are also known to cause bad breath. With their consumption, there is always a chance of dehydration. And when your mouth gets dry, it impacts saliva production giving bacterial growth an opportunity. Saliva is important in keeping the breath fresh and you should know that well before drinking too much of tea or coffee regularly. Even if you can’t ditch your favorite drinks, there are sugar-free chewing gums to keep the saliva level intact in mouth and maintain the freshness of your breath.

Wear & tear to teeth

Wear & tear to teeth is a normal process. It happens with age also. In some case, our selection of foods is also responsible for weakening the tooth structure in the long run. Consuming too much tea or coffee may also cause the teeth to wear not directly but with clenching. When you have stress, teeth clinching can become persistent causing enamel erosion on a gradual manner. This is how your tooth can get damaged and may lead to decay. To know more on the subject, you should contact dental surgeon and stay on top of your dental health.

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