When it comes to coffee, there are so many ways you can enjoy a delicious, piping hot cup of your favourite beverage. Coffee can be made in a wide variety of ways. There are two major ways in which we can make coffee. One is by using coffee powder and the other is by preparing a coffee decoction.

Coffee that is grounded to a powder is what is commonly used in most parts of India. This form of coffee is prefered for its ease of use. Coffee powder is popularly what the market usually calls ‘Instant coffee’.

Many people don’t have the time necessary to sit around and make a decoction. Therefore, they start using instant coffee powder and regular coffee powder to brew a decoction. A morning cup of coffee is what most people desire and they want this morning cup of coffee at the earliest. That’s why they like to use coffee powder. It helps them serve hot coffee at the earliest and with the least amount of effort. Yet, here is the part that might surprise you. Most people who have tried both coffee powder and filter coffee decoction find the decoction to taste much better.

Decoction coffee helps you make filter coffee which is otherwise known as South Indian Filter Coffee. This form of coffee is considered extra delicious and for many people who have tried coffee, the only way to have it. This can be attributed to its great flavour, aroma and incredible recipe.

Filter coffee is also considered a much healthier alternative to other forms of coffee. The filter that is used to make the coffee helps clear out harmful oils. These oils are responsible for increasing your cholesterol.

Now that you know, why a filter decoction is indeed the best way to have coffee, why not try iD Fresh Filter coffee. This filter decoction helps you make coffee in just minutes. This means that you don’t have to wait for great tasting coffee ever again. It gives you the goodness and authenticity of the famous South-Indian Filter Coffee with the ease of the instant coffee powders.

Make a quick cup of traditional filter coffee any time you want. Get the same aromas, and the rich, dark colours, without the fuss or hassle in making it. With our natural filter coffee decoction, all you need to do is add hot milk and sugar to taste. The 80:20 coffee to chicory ratio makes every cup sheer bliss. Taste pure an authentic filter coffee in the time you take to make an instant coffee, uncompromised. Allow yourself to be transported to a land of great taste!


Choose your serving pack – 20 ml or 150 ml.

Shake well before use.

Unscrew the nozzle and add 20 ml of decoction to 100 ml of hot milk.

Add sugar to taste and mix well.

For an even flavour (and to show off), pour back and forth between two tumblers.

Serve frothy traditional filter coffee hot for perfect flavour and taste.

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