Coir matting is essential for people who value their household floors. They can complement any doorway or high traffic entrance areas of the home. More importantly, they are durable, practical and can even come in different colours that match your decor.

Flooring, whether carpeted or wooden always wear away with use. Adding natural coir matting can provide a traditional and extremely effective barrier giving a very good level of dirt and moisture removal for both indoor and outdoor uses.

It is also slip resistant. There are usually spills and puddles inside your home especially after washing the floor, which makes people coming or going in the house prone to slipping. However, with this, it makes people less prone to slipping in your garage. Moreover, they are anti-static and non-conductive.

Using coir has other benefits that the woman of the house would definitely agree on. One, they are durable as they are made from tough coconut fibres. Thus, they wear extremely well. They are formulated to last for years and help prevent walkway deterioration. Alternatively, they can hide marks and stains in older floors.

More importantly, coir mats are just so convenient. All you have to do is lay it flat on the floor. In the event of the mat becoming uneven with years trimming is easy with a pair of scissors. No special cleaning materials are necessary. It is also relatively easy to clean and maintain.

The natural allure of coir matting is further enhanced when exposed to sunlight. Direct exposure gives the mats a weathered and timeless look. With waterproof backing, the mats excel at capturing dirt and moisture from foot traffic. Cleaning a coir mat is as simple as vacuuming or a simple stick beating to remove large clumps of collected debris.

Just as with carpets, having a coir mat could also insulate noise and temperature. By putting it on the floor, noise is reduced markedly and the high quality, specially formulated coir insulates high and low heat. It is also very practical as you can take it with you when you decide to move. You can just lift the mat and take it with you.

A very synthetic alternative to coir matting is Grimeford Mill's scraper entrance matting which offers a lower pile height, but with the same outstanding durability as natural coir entrance matting. Many of these brush mats have a fine rib pattern and is available in various colours to complement most interiors. These brush mats can even be made to measure in a bespoke design or in a pre-set door mat.

Author's Bio: 

Andrew Broadhead is a consultant in interior design, flooring and table protection with over a decade in the home improvement business.