This time of the year it is not uncommon for arthritis sufferers to be in a bit more pain thanks to the cold weather having an effect on joint pain. It’s no secret that arthritic patients can sometimes feel the effects of Mother Nature in a painful way. According to the Arthritis Foundation, weather climate can affect the joints by severely intensifying the pain. For this reason, some people with arthritis are much more comfortable to live in a warm, dry climate. There are more benefits to living in places such as Phoenix, Arizona; San Diego, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii then just avoiding shoveling the driveway. Escaping the bitter winter cold and snow can sometimes mean the difference between a healthy, active life and one prohibited by pain. In 2007, researchers at Tufts University in Boston reported that every 10-degree drop in temperature corresponded with an incremental increase in arthritis pain.
But, living in a dry climate doesn’t always fix the problem. Studies have found that barometric pressure affects pressure inside the joints. In one experiment, when pressure in the hip joints was equal with atmospheric pressure, it threw the ball of the hip joint about one-third of an inch off track. Places like Seattle, Washington; Anchorage, Alaska; Denver, Colorado; and Charleston, South Carolina all seem to have great fluctuations in air pressure, which will cause many individuals’ arthritis to flare year-round and would not be ideal locations to make a permanent home. These places also tend to have damp weather that worsens the suffering as well by leaving muscles and joints feeling stiff.
If you are considering moving to a warmer climate, don’t assume your life will change overnight. You may not feel the effects of living in a warmer place until after giving it some time to let your body adjust. Your symptoms will not automatically change right away.
But since warm and dry climates are typically better places to be when dealing with painful arthritis, below are some links to resources where you can research cities in the US that are worth mentioning.
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If you live in a cold climate and a move is not in your future, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and there are still lots of therapies and natural treatments for your pain. Join the Flexcin Challenge and give the only CM8 supplements on the market a try.

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