Soft and healthy skin is the need of every one including males and females both. Both the sections of the society wish for a good skin. But of what material our skin is made up of? Our skin is made of a protein named collagen which is a set of tissues and cells and because of it our skin looks glorious and healthy.

It gives support to our organs and bones. Seventy five percent of the skin is made up of collagen protein. So to save your skin from any harm you just need to save the collagen tissue. The symptoms of bad skin or you can say the damaged collagen proteins are fine lines, wrinkles and pre aging wrinkles on your skin. The most harmful impact of destroyed collagen is stretch marks on the skin of new mother.

As per study by, during pregnancy some hormones make the skin of lady softer from the abdomen area so that she will be able to give birth easily and comfortably. It prepares the woman body to give birth to a new life. But this process harm the collagen protein to a greater extend and thus most of the woman get stretch marks on their body during the most precious time of their life. These proteins get weaker to handle the baby which is in the mother’s body and which is growing day by day.

Due to a sudden increase in the weight the collagen get destroyed but it is not the single reason of collagen’s harm but there are other reasons too, for example getting more exposed in sun light. During pregnancy not only previous proteins get destroyed but formation of new tissues also gets affected.

To earn their living many people work under sunlight without having any precaution. The people who use sunscreen or clothes which cover their body still maintain the glow of their skin as compared to those who take no precautions. UVA and UVB are the two main ingredients of the ultraviolet rays of sun and it harms the skin very much. A proper protection is must when you go out of house.

For having a healthy skin without wrinkles you must save your collagen proteins. Not only previous amount of collagen is needed to save but new proteins also must be made. For this you have to increase the quantity of Vitamin C in your diet. As Vitamin C increase the quantity of collagen proteins in your skin and also help in increasing the number of this protein too. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. So it is advisable to eat vitamin C rich food in daily routine and supplements will also work for you.

The dead skin should also be removed so that collagen will get a chance to grow its number and thus you can gain healthy skin. There are many products available in the market which can help and guide you for getting good results. You just need to choose a healthy and affordable product which will help you to regain your beauty.

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