Collagen stimulation is one of the goals of anti-aging treatments of all kinds. There are some good techniques that actually work and, of course, there are some bad ones. Surprisingly, or maybe not, one of the worst ones is only available through a cosmetic surgeon or spa.

It is one of the worst ones, because it sometimes causes painful burns. It’s called “Therm-age”. The heat is supposed to stimulate the growth of the elastic collagen fibers, supposedly over time, which would improve firmness and reduce wrinkling.

It is promoted as a “lunch break treatment”. A woman is supposed to be able to go into the office on her lunch break and go right back to work afterwards. If you read some of the online reviews that are posted around the web, you’ll see that some women have to take several days off, because of painful and unsightly burns.

Then, there is another problem with Therm-age. Sometimes, the heat penetrates into the deepest of the skin’s layers, the one containing the fatty tissue, and basically melts it. Reduction in the fatty tissue is one of the things that cause wrinkles and sagging in the first place.

Collagen stimulation and re-growth is possible. The skin can regain its elasticity. We just need to take a more logical approach. Instead of trying a technique that could be damaging, we need approaches that are healing.

Think about a plant that is in poor health. Would you stick it out in the hot sun with no water? No, you would give it water and some extra nourishment, with some good plant food. You would nurture it back to health. You can do the same thing for your skin.

Researchers have evaluated several nourishing creams that are effective for collagen stimulation. One of them is an extract from the avocado. The extract contains vitamin A, essential fatty acids, protein and many other nutrients. A study in Israel confirmed that regular use increased the amount of “pro-collagen” molecules in the skin’s layers. Those pro-collagen molecules eventually bind together to form elastic fibers.

Other study groups have seen the re-growth of tissues, fibers and skin cells using topically applied creams containing protein molecules bound to zinc and copper. A recent discovery was the ability to extract an active protein called keratin from sheep’s wool. The extraction process does not destroy the function of the protein. So, it is available for use by the skin’s cells.

A number of studies have shown that vitamin A and other antioxidants are effective for collagen stimulation, wrinkle reduction and improved firmness. One of the most effective appears to be an antioxidant called coenzyme Q10.

The best advice for anyone that wants to improve their appearance and delay or reverse the signs of age is to start with the natural, nourishing solutions first. If, for some reason, those turn out to be ineffective, you can always consult a cosmetic surgeon concerning collagen stimulation. Just remember to ask about the negative side effects. You might need to take some time off from work.

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