If you’re a college senior, you’ll be a jobseeker soon.

Students traditionally use on-campus job interviews as a way to get their first post-college job, but according to one article, less than 1/3 of college students find jobs from companies that hire through career services.

So what’s a bright, enthusiastic, newly educated wannabe wage-earner to do?

Use social media. Recruiters are using connections through Twitter and Facebook to find candidates. More specifically, get a LinkedIn profile. By creating a good profile and joining the right groups and discussions, you set yourself up to be found by recruiters in your desired industry. Read up on how to set up a great LinkedIn profile (or get professional help). Using the right keywords for your industry, along with a professional profile and photo, will get you noticed. And do it now, so you can be networking and getting your name out there early–-before the last day of school.

For instance, if you’re interested in getting into medical sales, laboratory sales, medical device sales, biotechnology sales, pharmaceutical sales, or other healthcare sales, I want to know about your life science degree (in biology, chemistry, zoology, etc.), your business classes, your internships, your part-time sales jobs, and more. I’m looking for great candidates all the time. For me, LinkedIn is one more place to mine for candidates. You’d be crazy not to be where I can find you.

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