Nowadays there are numerous career options for an individual, providing thousands of job opportunities.. With the growing standards of living, and focus on precision and technicalities, every job requires professionalism.. In such a world, there is ample amount of space for people to go for the career of heir choice. Four career options, which do no have any connection to each other but provide the most coveted jobs in their own fields, are: a career in mba, career in mass communication, career in nursing and career in engineering. Moreover, there are various colleges in India and abroad providing these courses. These colleges provide a platform for the students to excel in the respective fields.

MBA means master’s in business administration. It is a post graduation degree. It introduces students to various aspects of business like accounting, marketing, management, human resources, etc. students of mba can either take general studies and study the general business ethics or take specialization in any particular subject. Some of the top mba colleges in India are:
IIM (Ahemdabad)
IIM (Bangalore)
IIM (Indore)
Symbiosis institute of business management

Nursing is a profession in the health care industry, which aims at the well-being of human beings irrespective of age, sex, gender and caste. It is a lucrative career option not only in India but internationally. With the boon in health, industry and opening of many private hospitals and clinics nurses are required everywhere. Since no medical service is, complete without them. Some colleges providing this are:
Jamia Hamdard university
Vijaya college of Nursing
St. Joseph’s college of nursing

Mass Communication:
Mass communication is a creative field, where one can earn money and practice his or her creative skills at the same time. All one needs to do is get into a good college where he or she can learn the basic and the ethics of mass comm. Some colleges are:
Times school of Journalism
Asian college of Journalism
IIMC, New Delhi

Engineering is a dream of many. Their work mainly includes creating new machines with the help of their mathematical and logical skills. A good engineering college is very important for a child, because a college is the place where he or she can nurture his skills and become good engineers: some colleges are:
IIT, Kanpur
IIT, Madras
IIT, Delhi

These career options, like mba, engineering, nursing, mass comm are lucrative fields where one can become very successful, and secure a future, all one needs to do is get into a good college and study hard.

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