Topher Straus come to your mind when you think of an artist with extraordinary talent and a heart of gold.

With his dynamic and transformative visual understanding, Straus has dominated the fine art scene. After spending a decade in Hollywood directing and producing films, he soon found his true calling in painting using vibrant colors, and his vivid imagination. His work has been featured in reputed museums and art galleries across Colorado, California, Texas, Miami, Hawai’i, New Zealand, Australia, and Paris. Topher utilizes a sustainable and environmentally conscientious sublimated metal substrate. The durability of metal paired with multi-layer saturated color sublimation provides intensely vivid and electrifying colors, captivating detail and rugged durability, setting it apart from more traditional art processes.

Another thing that makes Topher stand out from his contemporaries is his philanthropic nature. Straus uses a generous portion of his profits from his art to support several non-profit organizations and causes that he believes in.

Topher has given over $10,000 to our community through his partnership with BGOLDN, covering 2 months of operating costs for BGOLDN's Fresh Food Pantry, which provides fresh, healthy meals for approximately 100 local families each week. Cassie Sander, Strategic Partnerships and Marketing, BGOLDN says, "The impact Topher has made within BGOLDN and therefore our community is beyond what we would have ever imagined. Topher puts his heart into this relationship and we can tell that he genuinely feels called to give back. He is by definition a collaborative, supportive partner and we feel extremely grateful for his involvement in BGOLDN.”

What Makes His Art Stand Out of The Crowd?

If you love paintings that capture the soul-stirring beauty of nature, then Straus is your man. His  playful art, with the bold play of colors is a feast for the eyes. It almost pops off the metal and changes the environment it is showcased in.

His notable works include one of his seminal collections, The Parks, that garnered worldwide recognition in early 2021. Also, his breathtaking painting of Tetons National Park is now permanently exhibited at the Grand Tetons National Park Visitor’s Center in Wyoming

Only masterpieces can capture the magnificent beauty of rugged landscapes popping with fascinating colors.

How He Is Helping The Community With His Artwork

Topher Straus values his collectors, galleries and fans- he cares about the society that supports him.  He is an advocate for kids, nature, and creativity.

Through his art, he has raised $35,000 so far, and the entire amount was donated to non-profit organizations that support humanitarian causes.

Straus has some very exciting philanthropic projects coming up including a collaboration with Sauvage Spectrum Estate Winery launching a reserve white wine in September featuring his “Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park” to raise money for Conservation Colorado Education Fund. Topher will also be collaborating with YoColorado clothing to release a specially designed hat to support non-profit BGoldn and raise money for them.

Along with his art, it's reaching out to people in need that makes his heart happy and his colors brighter. Talking about the same in an earlier interview, he said,  “I feel lucky to be a successful artist and grateful to my community for their amazing support. It’s important for us to all give back and do what we can to make the world a better place”

If you want to catch a glimpse of his world-class paintings and be a part of a noble initiative, you can check out his website or follow his art collection on Instagram (@CreativeTopher) where he currently has over 50,000 followers!

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