Colorado citizens voted to pass Amendment, opening the door to an influx of new legal medical marijuana dispensaries. In recent years, Colorado's medical marijuana industry has become the fastest growing industry in the state. It was reported in 2010 that the number of Denver dispensaries has grown to exceed the number of Starbucks in the city.

With this overwhelming number of new cannabis dispensaries opening across the state, it's hard to know where to start. So if you have your Colorado medical marijuana registration card and are wondering how to find the best Colorado dispensaries, read on for some helpful tips ...

The first step in locating a new medical marijuana dispensary is to identify all the dispensaries that are close to your location. Google Maps is a great tool for this task because it will actually overlap location markers if you search for something like "Denver Dispensary".

Once you have a list of some dispensaries in your area, you can start researching each one by doing another Google search for their name and specific keywords. So look for something like "Denver Clinic Review" or just "Best Denver Clinics" and you should get the appropriate results. I recommend using the research on these results to further refine your list to about 3 of the most exciting clinics.

You did the proper research and read the reviews, now is the time to visit these 3 best medical marijuana dispensaries to see for yourself. One thing to keep in mind is that since this market is still so young, there really is no industry standard when it comes to how Colorado cannabis dispensaries operate. What this means to you is that every Colorado dispensary you visit will be a unique experience!

While most Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries do not require appointments to access medication observation rooms, it is probably a good idea to call ahead to see if there will be a wait. When making your personal assessment of a new Colorado cannabis dispensary, there are a few things you should pay close attention to on your initial visit.

Your first impression will usually be the area of ​​the waiting room where you will need to provide your Colorado medical marijuana registration card to the person at the counter. After that, they'll either take you to the outbreak room right away, or you'll have to wait until you call back. Waiting times are generally very short, often only taking a few minutes. I have found that many Denver dispensaries do not have to wait during peak hours. For more visit here

The most important part of evaluating a new medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado is your outbreak observation room experience. For many people, their first time in this room can be overwhelming. With row after row of glass jars filled with the best medical marijuana grown in Colorado, patients just don't know where to start.

Well here are my tips for dealing with this initial experience. Start with the best. Ask to see the A grade, top shelf, red dot, or whatever your best cannabis strains call. This will immediately give you an idea of ​​the best they have to offer. Also, don't overlook the lower grades of the outbreak ... sometimes you can find the best value for your dollar here.

Also be sure to take note of their pricing structure. This can be an important determining factor when choosing a long-term primary caregiver. Most Denver dispensaries offer separate pricing structures for members and nonmembers, so be sure to ask each for specific details.

After visiting a few places, you'll begin to see how the overall decor and atmosphere of Colorado's cannabis dispensaries can vary widely from place to place. Some dispensaries present a marked clinical environment that is similar to a doctor's office, while others will feel more like you are walking into a friend's comfortable home. Whatever your preference, there's a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary that's right for you.

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Also be sure to take note of their pricing structure. This can be an important determining factor when choosing a long-term primary caregiver.