“Colorful” Meditations

Have you ever thought to do meditations with colors? They are easy to do and yet are powerful . They can help you to develop various aspects of your being. These meditations can be combined or also done individually with every single color.
This kind of meditation does not require a lot of time. You can do it for a few minutes and you will feel how your mind quiets down. If you have more time, do them for a longer period of time. It’s up to you.
They will help you master your state of mind, your life and your anxieties.
The first color I would like to speak about is dark blue. Dark blue stands for power. You can imagine that this color is covering your whole body and provides you with power for every one of your actions. It empowers your thoughts and your body.
The second color is yellow and stands for wisdom. Contemplate the color and think of your wisdom. In every person there is a grain of wisdom which can be developed. If wisdom rules your life, you will be able to develop your best qualities and to make the best decisions. Again, you can imagine that yellow color covers your whole body and penetrates in every cell.
The third color is actually a non color. It is white and it stands for purity. Let it have its effect on you. Purity of thought is an enviable state because it helps you to live better, to be honest with yourself
If you like, you can use these three colors in layers. You first put a layer of white purity color around your body and in your heart. Think of the power of purity.
Then you add a second layer of wisdom color which is yellow. Let it penetrate into your cells, into your brain and into your heart. Think of what importance wisdom has for you.
The third layer may be dark blue for power. This, as last layer, will empower and protect you against unwanted thoughts and feelings. It helps you to overcome fear and anxiety because you are now protected by three important values: purity, wisdom and power. Think of every value and of its importance it has in your life.
You can do these simple meditations and visualizations as often as you like. It is possible that every time you will have other pictures (visualizations) showing up.
These meditations are based on Chinese Feng Shui wisdom, the wisdom of room and space, of the three forms of luck which can be influenced by the humans, If we use the right power and thoughts.
Enjoy your experience with color meditation.

Author's Bio: 

I am Swiss, a professional translator, author, coach and practitioner of various holistic healing arts. I am passionate about helping people overcome their anxieties and related issues. I do it in writing, over the phone or skype and in my office.