If you asked ten random people off the street what they were afraid of, the chances are that you would get three prominent answers: the dark, heights, and the dentist. It is a mark of just how terrifying the dentist is that it is right up there with completely natural occurrences! There are few types of jobs that have struck so much fear into people for so long, and statistics actually show that it could be as many as one in eight people who are afraid of the dentist. Where does this fear come from, and why are so many people crippled by it to the point where they cannot take themselves to the dentist if they are in pain?

Well, while every situation is going to be different, for many it was a painful experience as a child that led them to fear the dentist. Fears or phobias are divided into two types: rational and irrational. For example, it is completely rational to be afraid of dogs if one bit you when you were a child, but completely irrational to be afraid of the color blue. When you have experienced a bad dentist or a painful treatment when you were a kid, of course you are going to become afraid of them! From their point of view, there is a completely rational reason that they do not want to go anywhere near a dentist, and that is because their primary memory of the dentist is one tinged with fear and panic – why on earth would you want to go through that again?

Thank goodness that things are changing in the dental community. New dental technologies mean that pain free dental treatments are now possible as long as you go to a dentist who is completely trained in that type of treatment option. Many did not believe that pain free dental treatments were even possible with dentistry – surely anything that involves so many metal sharp pointy things is going to hurt? But thanks to the clever research that many across the world have put in for the last few years, and the breakthroughs that they have made, there are now plenty of pain free dental treatments available for a range of different dental problems. Anyone can now access this painless treatment, whether you are afraid of the dentist or not.

Of course, in order for someone with a fear of the dentist to have pain free dental treatments they actually have to face their fear in the first place, and go to the dentist. You need to combat your fear and look after your teeth and what better way to do that than to go to a dental surgery that offers pain free dental treatments? You will ensure the best possible choices for your teeth so that they can return to perfect health, and apart from a little pressure, you will not feel a thing! Although not all pain free dental treatments cover absolutely every possible dental problem that a person could have, they do cover the vast majority of them, and even treatments that are not 100% pain free have been greatly improved in the last few years.

Now is the time to combat your fear of the dentist, and it may be a lot easier than you think now that pain free dental treatments are available. Why not chat to a dentist about your concerns? They will have seen plenty of people with a similar fear of the dentist, and will be very willing to help you talk through the potential pain free dental treatments that you would like to try.  

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