In this modern way of living young parents avoid teaching their children how to cook. If before 70, 80 or more years it was usual mothers to teach their daughters how to cook and how to take care of the home, these days parents pay more attention to children’s school education and cooking or cleaning through the house is something that goes on a second place.

But on other hand at the same time this modern living prescribes living healthy which by the way induces cooking healthy and when it comes about healthy eating habits, it’s definitely better if they are gained from younger age.

Teaching children about the food or reading them pure texts can be little bit boring for them and it’s a question how much will they learn, but the games are something that is definitely really interesting for children. Cooking games, maybe the ones that are played online, but precisely the cooking games played in real, can be used as a method to help children understand the basic stuff about food, healthy food, combining food, cooking… These games ask for involving the parent also, so there is a full control over the situation.

One of the cooking games could be named Matching ingredients. Your task is to make cards of photographs in which with bride colours are photographed different kinds of prepared food, for example cakes, pizza, burgers, ice cream cups, apple pies, bread… Aside from them prepare photographs of ingredients – apples, milk, cheese, flavour, sugar, salt… anything. Explain the children what are the special foods made off and after that give them a task to match the cards with the food with the cards with the ingredients. This way they will learn how is pizza made or what is there in the pancakes… While they do that, explain them all the important things about that meal, is that healthy, can they eat it before or after the lunch, how much can they eat… It will be more interesting if there are more children because that will make them contest between each other, but the game may continue in everyday life, discovering the ingredients in regular meals.

The following game is one of the cooking games that includes cooking, but also advertising. It’s better to be played with many people so they could group them selves in groups of 3 or 4 people. The task of every group is to prepare a meal and after that, to present it in the most proper way, using their creativity. This will include mentioning all the ingredients and all the positive stuff about eating it. Of course parents help children while cooking, but also teach them about hygiene tips that follow the process of cooking.

These games are small examples to wake up your imagination so it will be very easy to create your own cooking games. Good thing about these cooking games is that they combine learning with enjoy and most of the times these combinations are the ones that give best results.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.