Prostatitis is a common illness in men. As to sufferers with prostatitis, there is the diet health guideline for you.

Two daily diet options can be adopted, which is for reference only. If needed, you are supposed to consult a health expert for more details. Also, you can send e-mail to to consult us.

Peach kernel and cuttlefish soup

You need one cuttlefish and 6 grams of peach kernel. You should wash the cuttlefish and remove its bone and skin. Boil it with peach kernel, which is commonly used for breakfast and dinner. You can use it to enable blood circulation and wipe out blood stasis through this recipe.

Yam porridge

You need 50 grams of raw yam, 50 grams of rice, with suitable amount of butter and honey or sugar. Then you should mash the raw yam into a paste, sauteed with butter and honey or sugar. Cook rice into porridge, with the processed yam added, which can be used for breakfast. It can help you strengthen the spleen and improve the kidney.

In daily life, there are more tips you should notice. For example, you need to drink more water and urinate in time. It is better to drink over 2L of water every day.

You are suggested to eat foods with nutrients like carrots, broccoli, cantaloupe, pumpkin, and beef liver, which can help to keep the lining of the urethra healthy and prevent the recurrence of prostatitis. More specifically, you need to take more zinc, selenium, vitamin C, and carotene, which can contribute to decrease the recurrence rate of prostatitis.

Moreover, to reinforce the therapeutic effect of prostatitis, you can also take the Chinese herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is an available herbal product that manages to ameliorate the blood circulation, alleviate the blood stasis, sterilize the inner system and amplify the male genitourinary system. It won’t render any side effects, so it is secure and useful.

What’s more, what foods are not suggested for sufferers with prostatitis?

Most importantly, sufferers with prostatitis should avoid spicy, fried, greasy, raw, sweet and cold foods, such as hot spot, pepper, fried chicken, ice cream, and the like. These foods induce vasodilation and irritation of the genitourinary system, aggravating inflammation of the prostate gland.

You are not suggested to drink alcohol or smoke, either. Particular for alcoholics, as long-term drinking alcohol will affect the prostatic blood supply, triggering prostatic congestion to some extent, thus aggravating the prostatitis symptoms. Likewise, they need to avoid coffee, and eat less orange juice, citrus, and other acidic foods. You can surely develop a sound and strong body via the amelioration of diet. Good luck to you.

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