Throughout our lives , we share a myriad of our possessions with each other. Say our dresses, our notebooks, our books, our room, our food and many others. Is it possible to share our sufferings, miseries, sorrows too? Yes , sometimes we do tend to share and empathize. Ever wondered if we could completely alleviate the suffering from each other's life ? What magic it can create? Nothing could be as pleasurable as being “compassionate”. It is a powerful ulterior motive that needs to be driven and brought to the limelight. Especially in today's world that celebrates the epitome of hate and violence.

We live in a world where we crave to be the most superior and affluential of all the personalities. With each passing day, we only dream of getting bigger, chanting mantras for success, running behind materialistic desires . Our only aim is getting, getting , getting as much as we can till the time we are alive. However, busy in our doldrums, we are completely unmindful of the supreme power of helping others , our family, our friends, relationships. As we have never practiced it. Switch on your brain buttons and let's utilize it for experiencing this act of passion with utmost peace and happiness to others as well as to ourselves. For how long we will keep mourning over the past , or something that has gone forever. Remember this life itself is a precious gift from God . We live only once, and so do we die. So, let us together wake up and mobilize our 'compassion channels' . So that we can stop the humanity's daunting challenges from getting deep rooted. Let's promise at this very moment to create a world full of harmony and tranquility. There is so much to do , provided we think deeply .

How to learn to be compassionate?
We don't have to run or continuously chase in order to be compassionate. The good news is that this precious jewel studded with feelings, emotions, is stored in everyone. We only need to polish it in order to wear it. Once we wear it, believe me this treasure is bound to bring a major twist in our lives as well as associates. Infact, we should leave no stone unturned to inculcate this parable even in our children . As they are the ' Rising Stars' of tomorrow. It's time to stretch our arms now to welcome compassion and fulfill our life with roses. We are searching for happiness 24*7 in our distracted lives. It's a strange paradox. Now stop searching and all you have to do is follow these signals to open up your heart to embrace this 'tool'(compassion). Let's be the designers of our world and decorate it with 'humanity' and 'love'.

Reminder: Every day make it a point to prepare your meal comprising of 'compassion' and serve it gently on your table and never forget to serve the same to your family, your children . I believe this would be the one of the best meal of your day filled with enthusiasm and spark .

1. Recharge your soul so that there is enough balance (emotions, caring, kindness, good wishes) to distribute”loving kindness wishes”: We all have earned a bellyful of certificates and honorary degrees in our life. Let's now double our achievements by scoring in terms of ' 'moral support' , leaving our egoism behind. What good is our qualification and those hard-earned degrees and certificates, where the world is at the stake of destruction, chaos and anti- social elements. Just cogitate about this. Don't we feel that as an individual we need to set our world free from these 'diseases' and work towards creating a better future for the coming generations so that they are proud of their ancestors. Rather than displaying anger, hatred, criticism, wouldn't it be beautiful if we send messages of love, kindness, encouragement , appreciation to everyone you meet on a daily basis. Not to forget to wear a gentle smile on your face. This would bring a major conflagration in everyone's life. Try out this exercise daily and you will thank yourself and notice a bigger change in your personality.
2. Take out sometime in a day to turn your mind towards those you have seen or known to have experienced a misfortune. One can begin this 'pleasurable gesture' by thinking about someone whom you recently met or sometime back; may be he/she is suffering from a depression, someone who is having a really bad experience with relationships or going through divorce death, someone who is ill, or suffering from deadly disease that is unrecoverable, these all can be subject of a true compassion. Daily begin with small prayers and make a wish in your heart” that may god alleviate their sorrow and recovery for a happier, healthier life for them. May they be able to enjoy the beautiful life and and spread joy all around. One should step out for altruism rather than being self centered. As it can help broaden our perspectives beyond ourselves.

Bonus: of practicing this act, is that the state of self- focus 'Me', 'Myself', 'I' shifts from a state of other focus. When we plunge to present something for others.
Imagine that we are heading for a relentless drive who's only motive is to embrace solicitude and be a good Samaritan so that we can mitigate 'human woes'.

3. Be a trenchant to say 'NO' to all the barriers/pebbles that occur in your mind: You may feel that roadblocks such as sorrows, desires, resentments, hostility and coldness are interfering in your path . They will try their best to stop you . This breaking down of the barriers while developing peace, forgiveness, understanding is just one of the many benefits of performing compassion in our life.

Remember: Compassion is contagious. When people around us are happy , we in turn become happy. So why not fill our life with compassion when we are eagerly looking out for this expensive treasure of our life. So what are you waiting for? Let's bag on the most happening game “compassion” and act as an intuit in building a 'compassionate lifestyle”.

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I am a passionate blogger and a self motivator.