Do you have an affinity for humor, talent, and remarkable success stories? If so you’ll find infinite joy in exploring the world of talented comedian and actor Abby Roberge. He was born as AbbyramRobereg on Canadian soil (Vancouver B.C.) but today his fans around the world know him as Abby Roberge a comedian and actor with a charming bad boy personality. This extraordinary comedian has a powerful reputation for delivering excellence in multiple arenas. 

Naturally Talented

His natural talent for comedy is undeniable and has been a big driving force behind his tremendous success in the industry so far.  Roberge has a knack for finding humor and delivering it with such ease that all audiences feel right at home with him on the stage. With a genesis that goes back to his early life in a communal setting in Vancouver B.C. Canada, Roberge’s multi-faceted career has quickly blossomed into powerful global energy.  

The shrewd comedian and actor honed his skills starting with his own experiences. Life taught him many lessons through his own experiences as well as those of the communities he lived in and as he learned these lessons he also made a number of observations while developing a unique outlook on life. This was what served as the foundation for his successful career in comedy.

A Man on a Mission-Driven to Succeed

Having found something that he knew was golden, Roberge decided comedy was his field. He set his sights on becoming a star on the stage and decided to go for it no matter what. This is why his humble beginnings as a door attendant at the world-famous Comedy Store didn’t faze him. He held this job for seven years and during those seven years, he grasped every opportunity to learn, build on his craft, and prepare to take the comedy world by storm. It is no surprise therefore that when Roberge stepped into the limelight of comedy he stole the whole show and has been making big waves ever since.

Roberge has built up a huge fan base on platforms such as YouTube and in comedy clubs such as the Laugh Factory. He has tickled funnybones at The New York Comedy Festival and had fans wrapped in tear-inducing, body contorting laughter at the prestigious Just For Laughs Northwest Festival. He has toured with the A-listers of comedy including Bill Burr, whose show he had the pleasure of opening, and Bob Saget and Russel Peters.

He has also captivated audiences with his television performances which include a guest appearance in Season 10 Episode 16 of the Modern Family, an ABC super hit show, and a role in the NBC pilot So Close. 

One of the secrets behind his success so far is the fact that Roberge never settles. Despite having a successful acting career, the comedian has set his sights on entrepreneurship. To this end, he has established a recording studio, Melrose Podcasts, which he co-owns with business partner Ari Mannis. But his business acumen doesn’t stop there. Roberge is on the verge of launching his own channel which will feature some major shows and offer viewers entertainment value that reaches heights never before experienced. Viewers can anticipate cutting edge, awe-inspiring, and laughter-inducing 


The world has had but a small taste of what Roberge can dish out. For those who’ve seen some of what he is capable of you should know he’s just getting started. So prepare to be wowed and left in awe as he continues to take the world by storm. 




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