In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of everyday road cars that have been specially modified for disabled drivers and passengers. This expansion of choices that wheelchair users now have is a great reflection of the work that has been done in so many sectors to offer the same or similar choices for those with disabilities. Social correctness is not the main factor here as there is much demand for reliable and competitive vehicles that can offer the same level of freedom without being hugely or slightly conspicuous. The choice of vehicles is now impressive, coupled with the abilities of many vehicle modification specialists whose talents and engineering skills make many more vehicle transformations possible.

The end result is that there are now far more choices for those looking for wheelchair accessible cars and vans, with a broad spectrum of vehicles (some from premium brand names such as Mercedes-Benz) to offer, presenting a fairer choice to those unfortunate to be wheelchair bound. So with all the mentioning about specialist modifications and high spec layouts of these seemingly ordinary vehicles, you would expect the price to be somewhat elevated above that of a similar non modified vehicle? Well the truth is that so many wheelchair cars are purchased second hand and often new vehicles can often be subsidised to present a fair and affordable means of gaining transportation that meets even the most demanding needs and requirements.

Many can now be purchased at affordable prices, complete with full services, safety inspections and with a professional valet, offer an ‘as new’ solution to the disabled access vehicle needs and requirements of a vast number of customers seeking to maintain their freedom on the roads of Britain and furthermore, the world. Major changes can be made to a host of ordinary vehicles to meet the demands of a wide array of wheelchair users, with many featuring lowered floors, raised roofs and extendable hydraulic ramps to the rear of the vehicle to allow for easy access for wheelchairs and disabled passengers. The inclusion of winches and floor fastenings are available on a host of vehicle examples also widen the choices of additional features that can greatly improve the efficiency and ease of use of so many wheelchair cars.

From Renault to Daewoo, Ford to Mercedes-Benz, there are many great cars and vans that can be purchased that offer quality conversions and great guarantees, with many low mileage, reasonably priced vehicles currently on the market. Gone are the unsightly and frankly ludicrous single seat ‘bubble cars’ that were available in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, that were a typical reflection of the transport available to the elderly or disabled and welcome to the many new vehicle models that are now being manufactured around the world. Costing no more to run than their unmodified counterparts, wheelchair cars now boast a satisfying level of freedom for any wheelchair user, allowing them to travel distances easily and in comfort, with various models offering a diverse array of vehicle stats and specifications such as engine sizes, levels of trim, diesel or petrol and number of doors too.

In any case, the range available today mirrors existing everyday vehicles found on our roads today and with very little effort great examples can be found on forecourts across the UK as well as in the many websites that sell wheelchair cars online. Companies providing valued services across Britain such as Mobility Nationwide present their customers with an amazing selection of vehicles that have been meticulously converted and modified to suit the requirements, needs and budgets of many car buyers looking for the perfect car for them.

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