The subconscious mind is the part of the human mind that handles lots of mental processes without the awareness of the individual involved. It’s also known as the unconscious mind. What goes on in that part of the mind can go a long way to influencing the conscious mind, thoughts, actions and feelings of the individual involved.

There are lots of processes that go on in the subconscious. Among them include unconscious attitudes, unconscious feelings, unconscious thoughts, unnoticed perceptions, involuntary actions, automatic reactions, and a lot more. Most of these processes can be going on in your subconscious mind without you knowing about them.

One thing you need to know about the subconscious is that you can tap into its powers and use that to achieve a better healthy mind. You can command the unconscious mind in order to gain positive thinking which will in turn ensure your success in life.

One major way you can engage in commanding the subconscious Mind is to guard against what enters it. Although you may not be aware of how images and impressions reach the unconscious mind, but still, you can help matters. You need to avoid every negative idea, image, thought, picture and so on. If you’re using subliminal images or messages, make sure they are not the negative types. You have to avoid all negative stuff because, they can easily permeate into your subconscious mind thereby leaving it distorted. Once that happens, you may never be able to command the subconscious in order to gain the positive thinking habits you desire.

There’s every need for you to feed on images, ideas, thoughts and messages loaded with positive aspects. The more you allow your unconscious mind to assimilate such positive resources, the easier it is for you to achieve the mastery over it.

There’s also the need to use positive affirmations. This can go a long way to getting yourself rid of all forms of phobias that can trigger failure in your life. You have to avoid negative affirmations at all cost since they can easily poison your subconscious and render it impotent.

Again, commanding the subconscious mind to gain positive thinking also hinges on the kinds of words you use on daily basis. You have to be very careful of what you say per time. Take time to choose words that affirm positive actions at all time. For instance, if you’re hoping to achieve prosperity in every area of your life, you have to be using prosperity words on daily basis. This goes a long way to influencing your thinking pattern for the better.

Finally, commanding the subconscious mind to gain positive thinking ought to be a kind of lifestyle if you must succeed in it. You have to repeat several positive affirmations on daily basis. You have thought positive all the time. You equally have to act positive all the time even in the midst of challenges staring you at the face.

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