Every commercial property owner wants to make their outdoor landscape beautiful, neat and inviting. This encompasses everything surrounding your commercial property’s exterior- including the walkway, which is the most used part by your visiting delegates, guests and even new employees.

This inevitably leads to a commonly asked question – Whether to opt for pavers or go with stamped concrete walkways? To be fair, both are wonderful options for your commercial property’s walkway and that makes choosing between them a bit difficult.

To help you get a proper answer experienced commercial concreting specialists operating in Kellyville presents a detailed discussion in the post below. Follow closely!

The Best Way to Decide What Particular Style You Want To Go With Comparing the Pros & Cons of Both Options

To help you decide; you must learn about the pros and cons of both stamped concrete and pavers. 

Starting with the Pros of Paver Walkways –

  • They are usually constructed using strong stone, concrete and brick
  • They are available to you in a vast array of colours and styles 
  • They can be easily customised as per your design requirement
  • Each paver can be replaced (in the event of any damage) if it is warranted

Moving Over To Its Few Cons –

  • Paver walkways may tend to show signs of fading over time
  • Whatever style of customisation you want; the whole process could take a lot of time
  • It may need re-sanding every couple of years
  • It may also experience the issue of weed which tend to pop up through the paver cracks

Now Looking Into the Pros of Stamped Concrete Walkways -

  • Choosing this will allow you the scope to replicate the look of weathered wood, slate or even brick walkways
  • You will find a lot of choices in its colour schemes, styles and textures 
  • You can also customise it as per your choice of design
  • They can be easily sealed for protection
  • They are not too difficult to clean and maintain and can be done with just soap and water

Moving Over To the Cons of Opting For Stamped Concrete Commercial Walkways 

  • The whole work can be time-taking and also expensive based on the type of design you opt for
  • It may not be that great in its colour retention and if exposed to harsh weather; the walkway may start showing signs of surface damage and discolouration.
  • If excessive weight is put on these walkways along with its exposure to harsh weather over time, it may also start to crack or chip away.
  • Repairing it to match its original colour can also take a lot of time and money

Still Can’t Decide? Take Professional Advice!

As already stated above; both stamped concrete and paver walkways are wonderful options individually. But they also come with its fair share of cons which could potentially make you incur big repair costs.

That’s why; the wise choice would be to take help from experts offering commercial concreting and other excavation services across Campbelltown to help you decide.

So, what are you waiting for? Enlist their help and ensure your commercial property’s exterior appears pleasing to the eye in all its aspects.

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