In our human knowledge base it is a proverb that what it takes to accomplish any goal is to be committed to that accomplishment. This wisdom is spoken by mountain climbers, sports figures, all great moms and dads, joyful partners, successful CEOs, inventors, great writers, the list of achievers is endless, and their commitments are clear. Their commitments are so clear because their results match up with what they are committed to. The question then becomes, "How do I become committed to my goals in a way that supports me in actually having them work out the way I would like them to?" Essentially the question boils down to "How can I get what I want?" Answer: through commitment! Where commitment has as its core component the key phrase: to do whatever it takes, no matter what. It's that no matter what that serves as the barrier most people stop at. "But not that! Give up being right? Forgive? Let go of my anger and frustration? No way! I am right! See? I'm justified! I have reasons." You do! And good ones! But what would you rather have in the commitment/demonstration game? Reasons, or results? As hard as it is to get off it at times, I'd rather have results every time. Goodbye being right! Hello, getting what I want!

We become committed through practice, and we practice by demonstrating our commitment to ourselves. Practice; think about that action. When you practice, you try out new methods to see what works to make you play better. Sometimes when practicing, you drop the ball, at others you look brilliant. But the main feature of practice is that you have to do it over and over again, regardless of any in-the-moment results. You don't stop practicing just because you drop the ball one time, or even ten times. In sports, that's because you are certain that eventually you will win a few games, but only if you keep on playing. This is part of the core no matter what barrier. The practice for your success in any area of skill you are practicing in, whether it is work, play, career, or relationships, is no different. Practice until you demonstrate what you want. One such way of demonstration is to commit to doing something that is a clear means for supporting you in having what you want. This process always works because you do. Discover the way you work best, and then proceed to do that exact thing, over and over again, until you discover new ways that work to your greater advantage all the time. New ways, because what works at any one time to support you in manifesting what you want, will change as you change. You grow! And one of the best ways to practice the continuance and expansion of your growth is to give up your reasons, get off it, and then simply get on with taking those actions that work for your success! Right or results, remember? The three r's to recall on your road to success.

Over time I have realized that there are a million useful processes we can all commit to. The thing to know is that some work better than others for the achievement of our goals, because all tools have very specific purposes. Always use the tools that resonate with you, and that will best support you in clearly achieving your goals, and then what happens? Your demonstrations become more efficient, with less work producing more results all the time. I have seen this process work a million million times. It's the fundamental concept of all the play we do in the online seminar series I do with participants. It takes thirty weeks because how many practices have you ever gone to for one day, and then had the skills you wanted to hone sharpen up enough to get real results? Not many, I would imagine. Practice takes time, so it's important to give yourself that time. You deserve it! Fun, light, in the flow play, is also supportive of you achieving the results you want. Again, it works, because we do. Or maybe I should say when we do!

One step in this commitment/demonstration process that people always have to confront is their registration into the seminar itself. Regardless of whether they take my seminar or not, every single person who confronts their registration issues will be given the gift of the mirror. What they will see in that mirror is every reason they have ever come up with, for not doing what it takes to be successful in the way they say they would like to be successful. All the no matter what barriers that they have not yet crossed. What crossing those barriers demonstrates is your commitment to yourself, to your goals, and to having what you want in your life. Why? Because when you register, you are clearly stating that you are making a commitment to doing something that has as its stated purpose an increase in your abundance acclimation level, or that point at which you have always stopped increasing your abundance in the past. Commit to that which supports you in achieving more than ever before, and you will achieve more than ever before. Simple, straightforward, and always the next step in the series of steps, that are required for success. And if someone does not register? They still are gifted with the mirror, and with the invitation to look at all the other areas of their lives where things are not working out the way they would like them too. They are invited to listen to their self-talk, and all the reasons contained within it. That one act, regardless of their choices, will support them in being clear. And being clear is the perfect state of being that supports people in looking at new opportunities for success in a way that will actually have them work out to their right and perfect fulfillment. Either way, everyone wins, and that's the only game I'm willing to play.

Diets, exercise programs, loving families, relationships, money investment ventures, and businesses, all work in the same exact way. Commit to them working out brilliantly, practice your demonstration of that commitment to them, and then they will manifest what you desire them to manifest, every time your cross your own particular no matter what barrier. Action equals commitment, which then inspires you to practice more, and more practice always produces more demonstrations. Either you demonstrate what does not work and then shift your actions, or you demonstrate what works and then continue to do that. Either way you win! But without that demonstration through your practice, there is no commitment, and without commitment, there are no results. At least, not the ones we really want to have! Reasons and rightness, or results on the road, remember? The invitation is to now go and practice your commitment on your successful road called "My practice for success." Hopefully it will be an ever expanding journey that never ends.

The question is: What action, would right now, best demonstrate your commitment to achieving your goals? The invitation is to now go and do that!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator for The One Penny Millionaire!(tm) online seminar series found at He is also the author of Be BAD! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! which contains The Loving Process(c) It's your abundance, get used to it!