Bathroom commode accessories are the additional features one can use to enhance the general commode. If you are willing to purchase the commode accessories, then you can browse through the online sites who deal in a wide range of such accessories to meet the various needs of the older people. Turning a basic western commode by adding accessories can help older adults with rheumatic pain, joint pain, and other similar health issues. For the better well-being of the people with troubles, the sanitary industry has made an enormous difference by introducing toilet seat accessories for elderly people.

Bathroom Accessories for Commode Enhancement

Raised-Toilet Seats: It enables the user to avoid or minimize strain on his or her hips and knees. Using the toilet seat increases the height of the regular commode seat by 5 cm to 15 cm depending upon the design of the bathroom commode accessory. The added commode seat provides support and stability to the user. The installation is straightforward as it comes with clip-on, which are firm and effortless to use.

Raised Toilet Seat Frame: These toilet seat accessories for elderly people are designed so that it provides a hand rest or arm hold along with adjustable commode seat for support and stability. The side rails are either fixed to the floor or independent.

Padded Seats: These commode accessories are designed for people in need to give ample support to the buttock region so that less pressure if left.

Add-on Bidet Bowl: This automatic bidet bowl relief people who have issue standing up. This accessory is designed to spray a stream of warm water to cleanse after it is used. It also releases dry air from the given source in the bidet bowl.

Portable Orthopedic Toilet: These toilets are easy to carry and are effortless to use. People who have restriction in mobility can use it with comfort.

Toilet Squat Stool: This accessory enables you to squat in a western commode by shifting the users’ 90° angle to a 35° normal squatting position. It helps a person suffering from constipation to defecate with much ease.

Commode Chair: It is a portable toilet with the shape of the chair, raised arms, a toilet seat, and a bowl. It doesn’t use the flush or running water. After the use, you can remove the bowl and dispose the waste in a regular toilet.

Benefits Associated With Commode Accessories
People with disabilities, patients, and senior citizens have immensely benefited with the bathroom commode accessories. Let us find out more about it:

•These bathroom accessories are safe and comfortable when used. Disabled or senior people can use them at ease.
•Losing balance is a common problem for a patient or older people. So, a good grip in the toilet will ensure no stumbling and injuries.


Directly or indirectly, bathroom accessories also help the caretakers by minimizing their work and tension while looking after patients or aged people. Therefore, it is essential to keep the functions of the accessories in mind while purchasing one to fit the user appropriately.

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