Are you up for a weight loss challenge? If you have gained weight and can’t bear to see yourself with bulges showing up here and there, a weight loss program is all you will need to get back to your old looks. We all know that losing weight is tough. Sometimes even after investing considerable time and energy you may not be able to see enough results showing up. 

Did you know you could be following an outdated advice or something that doesn’t work at all? Also at times, you may seek opinion of people who may misguide you. 

What are the top mistakes which may pose barrier to your weight loss challenge? 

Focusing on the weight scale

Sometimes you may feel frustrated looking at your flab since you have been following a diet which has not been of any help. Even after your deep commitment to the diet chart you will find your weight, remain more or less the same as what you measured before. Did you know that your weight is not only dependent on the diet chart you follow? Some key factors like fluid fluctuation or food remains cause it either to surge or go low. The ebb and flow is hugely dependent on what stays in the system. 

Also, hormonal imbalance like a surge in estrogen level may cause water retention leading to weighing heavier than usual. Sometimes even after rigorously working out your weight will show the same. Why and how? As you work out, you develop muscles and lose fat. Though your clothing will tend to fit loose, the weight scale may show earlier measurements. 

Consuming calories 

Yes! Calorie deficit can be related to weight loss. In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories with respect to what you consume. People seeking fat loss Body Slimming Treatment Near the Ponds may be thinking that an average loss of 3500cal a week may result in loss of 1lb. Recent studies however prove that calorie loss differs with people. 

Although you may be under the assumption that you have been consuming less calories, the truth however may put you in awe. Yes! A lot of us underestimate our calorific consumption. Sometimes however a low calorie diet may cause significant muscle loss. So, be careful of what you eat. 

Less or over exercising 

A lot of experts from Body Slimming Treatment Bella Vista recommend people to keep a balance while exercising because most frequently individuals either exercise too less or go overboard with it. While too much of exercise may burn body fat along with muscles, less workout and calorie restriction may cause muscle loss. Furthermore this may lead to slower metabolic rate. 

Exercising is a potential practice helping lose fat while controlling lean mass. It prevents your metabolism rate from going down. It is known to all that excessive exercising can lead to stress and affect production of the adrenalin hormone. 

Also, some experts are of the opinion that weight loss cannot be achieved without weight lifting. The process helps gain muscles while increasing your metabolic rate.

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The author is a Body Slimming Treatment expert helping individuals living Near the Ponds area lose weight while gaining energy. The author shares insightful facts through blogging.