Being a mother is a dream to many, but, not all women are fortunate enough to enjoy and feel motherhood. Female infertility is one of the most common reasons why women often remain deprived of child. Several factors contribute significantly to female infertility, and some of them include aging, lifestyle specific health conditions, diseases, and so on.

Factors That Keep Infertility at Bay

Each of the below-mentioned factors is essential when it comes to getting pregnant. 

You Should Ovulate:

In order to become pregnant, your ovaries need to produce and release eggs. This process is known as ovulation. Patients who are diagnosed with PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome often have ovulation problems. Women with PCOS can get some health benefits from acupuncture fertility treatments.

You Need To Have A Healthy Uterus And Fallopian Tubes:

The sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tubes, and the embryo requires a healthy womb to grow.

Common Causes for Infertility

Some of the common reasons why women become infertile are discussed below. Please have a close look at the below section now.

Ovulation Disorders

Hormonal imbalances and other health conditions are responsible for ovulation disorders. Some of the major conditions include PCOS, hypothalamic dysfunction, premature ovarian failure, and so on. Availing proper treatments at the right time can help women become pregnant.

Damage To The Fallopian Tubes

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes prevent sperm from fertilising an egg. Here are some causes for the blockage or damages of fallopian tubes- pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic tuberculosis and more.


Endometriosis is a condition where a tissue that usually grows inside the uterus grows outside the womb. This often causes blockages to the fallopian tubes and thus prevents an egg from getting fertilised by sperm. One of the best ways to deal with the symptoms of endometriosis is to see a highly professional acupuncturist who offers treatments like acupuncture for endometriosis.

Risk Factors

Certain factors may increase the chances of female infertility. Have a look at the below section to know about these factors.


Besides damaging the fallopian tubes and cervix, smoking maximises the risk of miscarriage.


With aging, the quantity and quality of eggs start declining as a woman grows older.


Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your chances of infertility. Obese women or those who are underweight often have ovulation problems.

Preventive Tips

For women, who are planning to start a family or to get pregnant may find the below-mentioned tips on how to prevent infertility, helpful.

Maintain a healthy weight

Change lifestyle

Give up smoking and drinking alcohol

Limit caffeine

Reduce stress

Apart from these, availing proper treatments for treating the above-mentioned health conditions are equally important. Women who have damaged fallopian tubes often become able to remedy their situations with medications and surgeries.

Moreover, alternative treatments like acupuncture can also help women improve their overall health. In order to get the best benefits out of acupuncture, it is necessary to choose professional and experienced acupuncturists who have excellent track records.

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