One of the most effective ways to clear your driving test is to understand the most prevalent causes. Sounds logical?


But when searching the internet; you will be amazed at the number of times drivers trip up on the same mistake.


Here’s a research on those common causes why drivers fail their practical test. Follow closely!


  • Failing To Use Mirrors Correctly At Junctions:-


Clear sight is a fundamental aspect of responsive driving. And that’s best performed by using mirrors appropriately at key junctions. One must take note of the traffic flow and look to adjust their speed.


This is included in most safe driving school lessons in Blacktown. Yet, very few fail to remember it when needed, and thus fail to impress their instructor and clear their assigned test.


  • Reverse Parking By Not Checking The Blind-Spot And Approaching Traffic:-


Reverse parking is a difficult skill to perfect. And despite what drivers may think, very few of them can pull it off properly. Many even move their heads to check for blind spots robotically believing this is the right way to impress their experienced driving instructor. But it doesn’t work.


What they really expect is for the driver to be aware of their surrounding, particularly when driving towards the kerb and making the front car swing out into the road. They expect proper usage of mirrors and smart adjustments to ensure all blind spots are in sight. Plus, also keeping an eye on the approaching traffic, pedestrians and other possible vehicles.


Again, unfortunately, most learners fail to remember this important lesson. And that leads to them failing their exam.


  • Lacking Control Over The Steering- Steering Too Late Or Too Early:-

Another common cause for drivers failing their driving test is their lack of steering control. This is more relevant when entering into sharp corners. Many drivers lose control of the steerer while crossing their arms, forcing them to lose control over their vehicle and possibly their chance to clear their driving test.

  • Driving At Inappropriate Speed:-


Be it when driving for a test or on the freeway; one should always drive maintaining the speed limit. Never drive too fast as it increases the possibilities of an accident.


Driving tests are conducted to see how much control a driver has not just over the car but on their rate of acceleration. The temptation will always be there, but remaining at a uniform speed throughout highlights one’s ability to judge situations more effectively.


Unfortunately, most drivers tend to give in to the temptation and accelerate unnecessarily. And this leads to failure in their driving test.


  • Improper Usage Of Signals- Giving Out Misleading Signals Or Leaving Them Ticking:-


One of the basic driving test tips of driving is keeping an eye on everything that’s happening and giving out signals when turning to make the drivers behind or approaching aware.


But it is found that improper usage of signals- such as misleading signalling or forgetting to turn off the turn signal, are among the prime reasons for failing a driving test.


Final Words:-


If one’s driving school instructor be it in Blacktown has booked one for the test, it means she/he thinks the time has come. And though at first, it may seem frightening, remembering those key lessons will only make their task easier. So have confidence, trust your lessons and do not repeat the aforementioned mistakes. That will be enough to clear the test.


Author's Bio: 

The author is a driving school instructor in Wetherill for years. And using all that experience, the author educates the readers on those keydriving school lessons in Blacktown.