Learning is a process of assimilating information and making it a part of your being. Remembering a few pieces of information is not learning. We, at Yuvashakti Model School, regarded as the Best School in North West Delhi, believe that learning is an augmented process of education attainment that comes from involvement with the subject matter and is aided by profound analytical exposition. However, the current pandemic has given a new meaning to the process of learning altogether.  

With the COVID pandemic startling up the world by spreading its diabolic tentacles across the nations, school education is facing challenges it has not encountered in the past 50 years or more. As the leading medical organizations have mandated social distancing to stay away from the grasp of the disease, all the schools have now resorted to e-learning processes.

A lot different in procedure and spirit, the e-learning methods are new to the kids as well as the teachers, and it is understandable if students face challenges and difficulties at the onset. So, in this article today, let us discuss some of the primary challenges that the eLearning process has imposed on the learners as well as the teachers. And along with that, we will also look at the possible ways to deal with these issues.

Missing the Personal Touch

The traditional classroom teaching techniques involved face to face interaction between the teachers and the students. Observing a person in front of the eyes is altogether a more vibrant and livelier experience than catching a glimpse of the same person through the precise screen of the smartphone, laptop, or any other smart device. With e-learning being the norm, the personal touch goes missing, and the children often feel alienated. However, to overcome the issue, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, with the help of our veteran teachers have figured out a way to maintain the personal touch. Even when the classes are being conducted online, our teachers make sure to have regular interactions beyond learning with the students. Our teachers are engaging the students in interactive discussions, and are trying really hard to reestablish the personal touch to the maximum extent, if not completely. 

Reduced level of student engagement

A classroom is undoubtedly a more engaging place for the learners. With friends and teachers interacting over a specific subject, learning becomes a fun experience for the students. However, the experience of sitting isolated with a device in the corner of the room while attending the classes can never be equaled with the experience of attending a class in person. Studies have revealed that many students are feeling discouraged to the extent that they are skipping the classes randomly. And, the pupils who are attending are failing to invest as much attention as they used to do.

To overcome this issue, our teachers at Yuvashakti have developed an approach where they regularly engage students in various fun activities online. Quiz contents, debate sessions, etc. are getting arranged to keep the learners engaged and glued without letting their focus to get disintegrated.

Missing the laboratory fun and experience

With the schools conducting online classes for all the subjects, the students are missing out on the fun of experiential learning they used to enjoy during the laboratory hours at school. This is also repelling some of the students from the science and laboratory-based subjects by reducing the level of overall comprehension. To deal with this problem, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, one among the leading schools in Sector 3 Rohini, are assigning the students with easy to perform activities that can be done at home minus any hassles and by using the stuff available at home.

Imparting education online is the need of the hour, and e-learning is indeed the way ahead. However, we very well understand that both teachers and students are facing challenges while making this new process effective.

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We, at Yuvashakti, are trying our level best to ease out the process, and urge the parents and students as well to try and adapt to the new normal. We know there might be a few ups and downs along the path, but together we can surely rise over all the challenges.