Perhaps the most commonly used mopeds in the market are the 50cc scooters. Multiple reasons contribute to the popularity of the model. Such reasons are technical, convenience oriented, legal, and many others.

Legal Advantages

Legal advantages of using 50CC scooters are –
They can be used by anyone who is 16 years or more in age with an R-N class license;
Car owners can ride them with their car driving license and do not require obtaining a fresh license for riding the 50 CC scooter; and
They can be taken in areas where normal motorized vehicles cannot be legally taken.

Technical Convenience

In addition to the legal conveniences, there are several technical conveniences in using the 50 cc scooters. It is easy and convenient using the vehicle and it is as safe as riding any bicycle. People who know the rules of the road for driving a car do not require the hassles of getting new license. Only thing they may require is a little practice and some training to ride the vehicle perfectly. Practice makes man perfect and training can add the element of safety into it.

Power Economy

Despite low powered the 50CC scooters it has some noted advantages –
These low powered vehicles have the capability to carry almost anything;
Such carrying powers are much greater than the traditional scooters consuming much more power; and above all;
They use two stroke engines that are suitable for smaller vehicles generating greater power.

Advantage of 2 Stroke Engines

Usually the small 50 CC scooters use 2storke engines instead of the normal 4 stroke engines that were used in the traditional scooters. Internal combustion engines come in two categories, four strokes and two strokes. Advantage of using two strokes engine is that they generate greater power in comparison to their four strokes counterpart and they are suitable for smaller vehicles where there would be space constraint for machineries. Mopeds are also available with four stroke engines but they can only be considered as gutless in comparison to the two stroke mopeds available.

With so many advantages of price, low fuel consumption, and speed, it is no wonder that car owners are now flocking for these electric and gas scooters for all their regular endeavors.

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