Householders face a lot of challenges when using a cook-top or a cooking range. Being appliances the stovetops are subject to damage. A lot of people start getting panicky when their stovetop works strangely or simply ceases to work. A broken or completely knocked down cook-top is the last thing you want to discover as you enter your kitchen to prepare meals. While some problems are minor and can be solved without much difficulties others can get severe and will demand professional intervention

Some common cook-top problems 

Here we discuss some common cook-top problems. If you face issues such as these you can either call up cook-top repairs experts in Algester or get the issue solved all by yourself. 

When the gas burner won’t light up 

This is one of the commonest problems householders commonly experience. Sometimes the flame will simply not light up at all and such instances become commonplace when there is something wrong with the appliance. To find out the reason behind such malfunctioning take a note of what shows up once you try to light up the burner. Generally, you will hear a clicking sound when you turn on the stove and the smell of gas will come out of the burner as the valves get opened. When you can only hear the click yet cannot smell gas it means there is an issue with the flow. On other occasions you may smell gas but won’t hear the knob clicking. It definitely means there is a problem with the oven’s ignition switch. 

To resolve this problem we will suggest you have a talk with the cook-top repairs specialist in Springfield. If you think you can handle the situation on your own just remove the burner cap and grate. Clean up any left-over food residues or debris from the burner and reconnect any wire if you find them to have become loose. If this process doesn’t work install a fresh igniter. 

Gas burner starts heating very slowly 

Another very ordinary complaint among householders is a slow burner. Irrespective of the model you have at home, if it faces this kind of problem it can be because the openings of the burner have got clogged due to accumulation of debris. This often leads the flame to become weak. However, it can be easily resolved after you thoroughly clean the appliance. 

To resolve, first turn off the oven following which you should remove grates as well as the burner caps. Now soak them in soap water. Scrub them using a stiff bristled brush and wipe up the surface with damp sponge. Use toothpicks to eliminate food debris from the valves. 

The burner won’t heat at all 

This is one of the commonest problems cook-top users face. When the electric burners refuse to heat up it’s probably because there is an electrical issue which needs to be intervened by a professional electrician in Algester. There is likelihood that such circumstances will demand a replacement. If you find one of the coils heating up in an improper manner it is time that you check out the connection. Are they properly plugged in? 

Now, these are some common issues with a cook-top which should immediately be solved to avoid further damage. 

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The author runs a cook-top repairs company in Algester. In recent times the author has been shedding light into matters related to the electrical cook-top through blogs.