When it involves FCAW most shipyards have the identical two tests using the possibility of the third. The two most frequent welding tests given are a 2G and 3G combo plate tests. In some unusual cases they could necessitate passing a 4G plate test also. Enable's face it, flux cored arc welding is fairly easy to learn! The cash that could be produced from all with the overtime at a shipyard should be greater than sufficient to motivate another person to pass these easy tests.

But wait, there is often a catch! Several shipyards require these tests to be accomplished with all the use of ceramic backing tape. It truly is not tough to learn to weld with ceramic backing tape but it truly is not one thing you will usually find in most welding colleges! What ceramic backing tape does is make an open root weld less difficult to accomplish by generating a mould for that back side in the weld. When it does come to welding tests with ceramic backing tape it's going to most probably be just a 2G and 3G weld test. If you happen to be in school and desire to work inside a shipyard speak for your instructor about receiving some ceramic backing tape to follow on.

A lot of companies that make this ceramic backing tape are greater than willing to donate some with your school. It really is only a issue of your welding instructor calling up and asking for some free samples! As for the rest from the welding tests essential just learn to weld plate in all positions and thicknesses. The welding tests supplied can range from a 3/8 inch grove weld up to some 1 inch thick grove weld test. That's all there exists for most structural welding tests for shipyards!

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