Holidays doesn’t mean that business or residential facilities will stay closed; hence it’s quite easy to understand the detrimental impacts brought upon by sewage pumps which can no longer run properly. When anything goes wrong with the sewage pump, not only will the toilet of your home get affected but these can sometimes bring upon potential damage to a commercial property.

Winter months are toughest especially when something goes terribly wrong with the sewage pump. A lot of companies attend to breakdowns leading to major damage to a property or premise.

Sewage pump breakdown are common during winters. Since most householders and commercial property owners lodge complaints regarding dysfunction of sewer pumps in Sydney, especially when its winter, experts recommend regular maintenance to prevent sudden breakdown.

Some regular problems related to sewer pumps

When the pump cannot be turned on

Several issues can prevent the sewer pump in Wollongong from functioning. Problems related to floats, jamming of the impeller, debris accumulation or the machine not receiving enough power can lead to stoppage.  These issues often indicate a sudden breakdown.

When toilets start backing up

Another big sign that the sewer pump in Wollongong is on the verge of collapsing, is a toilet which has started to back up. The issue may arise because of reasons like the following:

  • Clogging in the pump
  • Back-up in the sump pump zone
  • Issues with the septic tank

Usually a sewage odour will start coming from the toilet as it will begin to back up. If you come across such smell head straight to call up experts for fixing the issue as it will get worse with time. If you get indications such as this, immediately refrain from using taps and call up a professional to help you solve the problem.

Broken pipes

This is considered the commonest reason behind a sewage pump going off. Most of the times, sewage as well as sump pumps get destroyed when pipe works get broken and waste water floods the system. It is true that leakage or breakage in pipe work can lead to costly repair jobs especially when the problem is not diagnosed on time. The problem should be detected at an earlier stage to avoid complete damage to the sewage pump. Hence, routine checking of the pump is essential to eliminate risks of flooding.

Alarm sounds

Every sewage pump features a “high-level alarm” which sets off when a higher water level is detected. A sudden rise in water level triggers the alarm. This is a common malfunction of a pump which needs prompt intervention. If you hear the alarm it means that your premise has already started to get flooded with sewage water.

The fundamental benefits of pump maintenance

Experts recommend routine maintenance because of the following reasons. The problems which have been mentioned here can be easily avoided with routine maintenance. Some of the common benefits have been mentioned here:

  • Routine maintenance is essential to lower chances of underperformance or an unexpected breakdown.
  • Routine maintenance helps extend the life of sewage pump.
  • Early detection of problem will help save you from unprecedented costs


You can now get tailored solutions for sewage pump maintenance and repair.

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The author runs a Sewer Pumps maintenance company in Sydney. In recent times the author has shared insights into common problems of sewer pumps.