Sometimes injuries occur in household activities and suddenly require to proper medical assistance against them.

In this present article of Australia wide first aid, I would discuss common medical emergencies and how we deal them withbetter ways.

1.Heart Attack/chest pain
Heart attack is an alarming disease that lead to severe pain in chest.

A condition in which blood flow stop to one of blood vessels of the heartthere will be no oxygen supply so that tissue of the heart will slowly die.

Hear attack can be classified into many types like,
1. Unstable angina
2. Cardiomyopathy

• Chest pain, pressure and squeeze left side of body
• radiating to back left arm or jaw
• Breathing irritation

How to handle?
• If heart attack suddenly occurs, need to call for assistance and take the patient to safety
• By pressing on the chest
• If is not breathing, start CPR
• Give 30 compression follow by 2 breathe till the help arrives or patient reach to hospital

2.Major cuts/Bleeding
A cut and wound may be done by sharp edge object like knife or razor and can also be caused by hard or rough surface. Cuts can be deeper, smaller or the outer surface of skin.

Major cuts can be categorizedinto different kinds according to the causes of injuries;

• Abrasion_ This is a type of wound that is caused by the friction of your skin with rough or rigid object. Abrasion peels the outer layer of the skin and doesn’t damage the skin tissues.
• Incised_ This is ordinary type of wound in daily life but it tends to bleed because it is stimulated by a sharp corner object(i.e. Knife, scissors). Tendons and ligaments may be engagedin major incisedcuts.
• Puncture_ As name shows, it is deeper than previous wounds. A wound can be done by jagged thing i.e. (Needle, steel nails). Injury might look like normal from outside but it hurts tissues inside. If injury occurred on the part of body like back, head, abdomen or chest then,it would create more risk for organs.

Better Treatment
 When you get injured be calm and laydown the patient on bed
 Wash his/her woundwith clean water and don’t use the soap on affected area
 Use bandage to stop thebleeding

Why stay away the soap from actual wound/cut?
Soap can irritate the skin and can also cause swelling and redness on wound. Moreover, it can be infected the desire wound.

Is minor cut can be serious?
Minor cuts can be cured by yourself but, sometimes you do not get it significant and don’t handle them with better care afterward, it can cause several issues on your skin.

Is Vaseline or antibiotics is good for cuts/wounds?
Antibiotics are good enough for healing the wound faster. Petroleum jelly can also apply on the wound because it remains the wound smooth and prevent from dryness. On the other hand, antibiotics prevent the minor cuts from infection. Proper dressing, sterile gauze and antibiotic ointment is perfect researched in healing soon.

3.Eye irritation
Sometimes Irritating liquid goes to eye suddenlywhile doing household chores. Thus, this may irritate eyeball and blinkthe eyes. Dust goes into the eye in result of this it causes itchiness, allergy and eye discomfort.

• If harmful liquid hits on eye, as soon as possible call to help center
• Dust material hurts eye afterward, you need to require wash eye from clean water and use eye fresh drops

4.Breathing disorder/Asthma
If immediately feel hard to breathe, it is an acute dyspnea disease. This is very common breathing disorder, patient suddenly losses his breathe and feeling pain while breathing deeply. Asthma is another form allergy in which person has shortness of breathe wheezing sound while taking breathe. More, narrowing of airways and produce more mucous, swelling of the windpipe. Asthmatic patient has sudden attack of shortnessof breathe.

• Heart diseases
• Asthmatic problem
• Pneumonia
• Lungs cancer

• In this situation, faster sit the person in the open place where oxygen is in rich amount
• Use nebulizer, if condition get serious so, reach him in emergency hospital.

These are the few common medical emergencies that can instantly attack on person. Plus, how you will deal with them, this is awareness about medical emergence if you and other person can be affected with them. Some above guidance would help anyone while he is in dangerous situations.

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