One must know that the word Yoga means to join, unite, or link, and this unison can be interpreted differently; the unison of mind, body, and Spirituality lying within oneself or the unison with much a bigger power or spiritual force. Yoga is actually a holistic approach towards a happy and prosperous life. It comprises means in the form of postures(asanas), mudras (gesture of hands and fingers), and meditation, enabling our inner self to form a connection with our spiritual self. Most people perform Yoga merely because of its benefits on the physical self, unaware of the wonders that it can have on your mind and Spirituality. One can take part in various Yoga Teacher Training Course in order to leap forward in multi-fold versions of yourself, bringing you tranquility and harmony.
Yoga does not follow any religion, just the path towards Spirituality and enlightenment. It is a transformational journey that individuals aspire to search for enlightenment, peace, positivity, and divinity. It can make you. However, talking of Spirituality and peace, what could be the best way to begin your journey in Goa. Be a part of any Yoga school in Goa amidst its uncrowded beaches, alluring rice paddy fields, and its solace in solidarity to enhance your lifestyle and personality.
Why should one choose a Yoga Teacher Training course in Goa?
Goa is an amalgamation of soul and serene. It is a perfect beach town for you to choose to synchronize your Spirituality with your personality. It is filled with the rich culture of heritage and churches, villages that still do fishing for a living, rice paddy fields, calm hidden beaches, lakes, and whatnot. You can find your absolute peace here amongst the calm crashing sound of the waves. It is a paradise for travelers searching for tranquility and peace. Its intoxicating ambiance in harmony with the roaring sound of the waves hitting on the rocks, flapping feathers of sea birds, rustling tree leaves, blades of grass "swooshing" against each other, coconuts dangling on the trees, compels you into performing mediation, calms your soul in a way nothing ever can. However, there are many common misconceptions about Yoga Teacher Training, which need to be clarified. You can read this blog to find out more about it.
Misconceptions associated with Yoga in Goa
It is believable that there are plenty of Yoga Myths, which are misguiding and abrupt. One needs to have proper knowledge and awareness about Yoga before deciding to be a part of it. Check out few popular myths associated with Yoga and the facts which prove that it's, after all, just a myth.
Myth: Yoga follows a religion which when followed, meddles with your own religious beliefs.
Fact: It is believable that religions like Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism had significant roles to play when the concept of Yoga was just getting started. However, the entire concept of Yoga does not follow any religious conviction. There is no teaching propagandizing any religion or its doctrines, domes, dogmas, or temples. Yes, but it does inspire you to meet your inner self and find a way towards inner peace and Spirituality, which is above any religion or its teachings.
Myth: Yoga can be performed in the mornings only.
Fact: One of the most popular Yoga myths is that only mornings are suitable for Yoga. Morning is often the ideal time for any physical activity because your body energy lies at its peak in the morning, but it is not an obligation. Yoga is more than following physical activity; it is a discipline, a routine, a playful harmony of your mind, soul, and body. So, it entirely depends on you, which time of the day suits you the best, helps you achieve the maximum peace and solidarity.
Myth: Yoga is feminine.
Fact: It's sad how everyone puts gender labels on non-material things as well. A physical activity that is as simple as Yoga is thought to be feminine; why? Because it does not include heavy -lifting or weights or because it's too easy and a poised, disciplined routine for a man to follow. However, going back to History, men introduced Yoga, and it was women who followed the stride 6000 years later. So, drop this myth of Yoga being a woman's thing and join this journey of Spirituality which will eventually open your mind and soul to new openings and opportunities.

Myth: Only Flexible People can perform Yoga.
Fact: You must know that Yoga is a form of art that can be as simple as silently lying on the floor with your eyes closed to inhaling and exhaling air in a repetitive tune. However, it can seem difficult for people when it involves flexing and twisting arms here and there. As already mentioned above, it is a journey; Yoga involves several stages ranging from easy to difficult depending on which set you choose. Strength, stability, and flexibility take time and Patience, and that is what the entire concept of Yoga will teach you, Patience.

Myth: Yoga cannot increase your physical strength.
Fact: Yes, Yoga can be referred to a gentle in that it does not involve weights or heavy lifting. However, it does involve stability and flexibility, which will increase your concentration and help increase your muscle power. In addition, it will give you control over your muscle power and body and help you channelize your energy towards it, increasing your physical power.

Myth: Yoga will instantly make you happy.
Fact: Yoga is a journey you aspire to take towards serenity and Spirituality. It is not a one-day process; its involvement with meditation will help you calm your soul if appropriately done but not instantly. Great things take time so will your journey towards divinity and inner peace. You will be happy only when you are able o find your inner peace, your purpose in life. Pursuit of Happiness takes time and Patience, but if you can channelize this positive energy into something meaningful, believe me, this will leave you a lot calmer and happier than before.

Myth: Yoga is for the youth.
Fact: A journey towards inner peace and divinity knows no age. A body trying to calm down its mind knows no age. You will find out the purpose of your life knows no age. A person seeking tranquility knows no age. Any age group can do Yoga. Indeed, it's never too late to start doing Yoga and maneuver your energy into something beautiful and meaningful. Rather, Yoga can keep you away from age; that is, it can help you slow down the aging process if performed well and correctly.
Myth: All Yogis teach the same thing.
Fact: Yoga has several forms and types and is an assortment of a movement. It has a diverse range of posture and movements, each having different motives. Not all Yoga teachers will teach you the same thing or the same postures. Yoga has gotten diversified ever since it was introduced so that Different Yogis can have different styles, but the same purpose lies for all; inner peace and stability.
Myth: Goa cannot be chosen for Spirituality.
Fact: It's sad how the essence of modern Goa has been reduced to boozing, partying, psychedelic and trance. Its prominence as a music festival hub has earned it a bad reputation as a party destination and wild, crazy nights, narrowing its rich culture and heritage to tiny bits. Tourists can be spotted in Goa traveling worldwide to enjoy its music festivals and wild beach nights and parties. However, it's not wrong when you choose a place like Goa for Spirituality. The beautiful destination Goa has a lot to offer if you set on a playful voyage to discover its serenity and peace. It has several training programs for aspiring yoga teachers that will set you on a path of divinity. There are silent and calm beech forests, architectural heritage, quiet beaches, and every spot you need for perfect meditation. It is correctly stated, 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and when in Goa, try looking for places that are hidden and isolated. Isolation is just another path towards perfect mindfulness and soul. So, whenever you choose a training program, go to a Yoga school in Goa.
Undeniably, there are plenty of misconceptions and myths associated with Yoga. However, it is immensely important to discover the facts behind the Yoga Myths. If you are feeling confused and chaotic, you can simply read this blog. Hopefully, reading this will be worth your time and effort.
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